Dr. Maude A. Sanders Primary School

Staff Newsletter-Week of September 9th, 2019

Quick News and Notes

Thank you for your hard work and dedication this week. I know I speak for everyone as I extend my best wishes to Ms. Maloney as she moves over to Roosevelt Magnet School to teach 3rd grade. Our loss will certainly be their gain. Also, please keep Ms. Denise and Mr. Chumbley in your thoughts as Ms. Denise recently lost her father and Mr. Chumbley, a friend.

  • 1st through 4th grade, please finish your NWEA makeups by the end of the day on Monday, if possible. Feel free to use streams in your classrooms, provided that you are able to create the appropriate testing conditions.
  • Ms. Wing sent out a Bookmobile Schedule on One Drive and we are ready to have our first one of the year this Tuesday! Please make sure that the content students are selecting are age-appropriate.
  • Speaking of books, "Look, It's My Book" will start up this upcoming Friday! We will be sending out a schedule soon.
  • We have a representative coming in from Leader in Me on Thursday! We will be sending out more information regarding this visit over the next couple of days.
  • I'm proud to announce that Ms. Staff is the winner of our Hall Pass Decorating Contest! She is the proud winner of a delicious Jimmy John's lunch. Thanks for participating. We'll have a door decorating contest when we get into October.
  • Dr. Kherat has sent out information regarding the United Way Campaign! Please consider contributing, if you are able, to this very worthy cause.
  • A special shout-out to Ms. Davis, Ms. Page, Ms. Reeser, and Ms. Riley for helping out with the Maude Sanders bulletin board at the Administration Building! We're excited to see it!!

Attendance-Students and Staff

Student Attendance:

Thank you to those teachers that have already turned in attendance logs for their students who have missed over 4 days already! There is a folder in the office that says "Attendance Logs" and that's where the logs need to go after the student has their 5th absence. We're starting to get our Attendance Plan off the ground (thanks, Ms. Langholf) and this information is critical. If you love all things attendance (and I know you do!), please feel free to join the Attendance Committee in Ms. Langholf's office after school on Thursday. If you bring it, punch and pie will be available to those in attendance.

Staff Attendance:

If you need to take off due to illness, please let me know via text or phone call ASAP. Please put it into Skyward and AESOP as soon as possible as well. All of you have done a great job so far this year in doing this, but it doesn't hurt to emphasize this.

School Safety

I want to say thank you to everyone for keeping calm and responding quickly to our Soft Lock Down on Friday. As you know it came only minutes before we were scheduled to run a fire drill and that created some confusion. The response itself, though, was amazing. Staff responded quickly to the announcement and all of our students were kept safe.

We will reschedule the fire drill for another day here in the near future, but I wanted to touch base regarding school safety. I've updated the School Safety Plan to clarify some procedures and am attaching it to this email and putting a copy of it in your mailboxes. Please keep in mind that even the best laid plans in regards to safety are always subject to change based on any given situation. Chief Boone and Lieutenant Hobin will be in our building on Wednesday morning at 7:15 a.m. (let's meet in Rumfelt's room) to conduct our active assailant training. One of the things they'll probably discuss is that we need to remain fluid in emergencies due to the unpredictability of many circumstances. Again, I wanted to thank you for the relatively smooth end to the day given the situation. Kudos, Badgers.

Lesson Plans

Please remember to submit your lesson plans to your evaluator on your assigned weeks (assigned weeks are in the master calendar). Here are some items to remember and items we'd like to clarify:

  • Lesson plan due dates are on Fridays, but can be turned in as late as Sunday. Some teachers prefer working on them over the weekend and that's a-okay with us.
  • Remember to use the Team Planning guide that you're using in PLCs and information from Domain 1 in the evaluation toolkit to help guide your planning and components. Many of you teach in a variety of ways and teach many subjects or just one content area so let's not limit your planning to any specific template.
  • The plans that you're turning in should be for the upcoming week so when we review them during the weekend or early week, we know what, in general, we should expect to see during the week.

Evaluation and Student Growth

If you are a non-tenured teacher, you will have an informal evaluation this week! Your evaluator will come into the classroom to observe for approximately 10-15 minutes with the emphasis being on Focus 3, which focuses on Domain 2 components C-E. Other areas may be noted during this time, but the focus will be on managing procedures, managing student behavior, and managing physical space. These will be done by the end of the day September 13th. Your evaluator will send you a typed copy of the evaluation within two days of the observation. Please sign and return it after you've reviewed it.

Student Growth Cycle:

Please submit what type of assessments you'll be using for the Student Growth Cycle to your evaluator if you have not done so already, by Tuesday. This is only applicable to non-tenured teachers and tenured teachers on "Year 2". Here are some guidelines when choosing assessments (for more information, see pg. 14 in Student Growth Handbook):

  • If NWEA is available and you teach ELA/Math in Grade K-11, you must use that assessment for one SLO.
  • If you teach an NWEA-tested subject in Grades K-11, you must use NWEA as one of your assessments.
  • Teachers in non-ELA/Math in Grades K-11 MAY (not required) choose to use an NWEA test and must be mutually agreed upon by evaluator and teacher.

Please remember that you are selecting TWO assessments. Please indicate what assessments they are going to be to your evaluator by no later than Tuesday afternoon. If you do not use an NWEA test and choose to do a Type III (teacher created assessment), you MUST turn those in with an answer key or rubric with your assessment selections.

I've also attached a copy of the Student Growth Guidebook for your digital viewing pleasure.

Approved assessments need to be administered by September 20th and the SLO Framework Forms need to be completed by September 27th. I'll send out reminders regarding these components, as well.

Lunch/Recess Schedules

I want to thank everyone for dropping off and picking up your students on time during lunch. It has been appreciated.

Just as a reminder, if it's indoor recess we will have to alter lunch times in the cafeteria by about 5 minutes. The times are as follows:

2nd Grade: 10:55-11:25

3rd Grade: 11:15-11:45

1st Grade: 11:35-12:05

K: 11:55-12:25

4th Grade: 12:15-12:45

I'll announce the weather every morning during announcements. If something should change, we'll communicate that with you. If you think it should change and you haven't heard anything from us, please don't hesitate to let Maureen or myself know. Thank you.