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Job description "volunteer" - join Team 'Running for Heart'

Hi, new team member!

As a member of Running for Heart you are responsible to host and guide all the participants of our event.

Background info

This organisation is a annual sports event which has its focus on running.

In cooperation with the Dutch heart organisation we have set up this event in Vianen to encourage people to work on their health and at the same time to support the Dutch heart organisation.

'Activeness' is a keyword in our dictionary. We strive towards a healthy modern world and are willing to make a change. We rely on our volunteers and could not do this without them, so the question remains, are you willing to make a change?

Job Description

  • - Guide all the participants throughout the course

  • - You are a host and representative of the organisation, this means that we expect an actively involved member of our team.

  • - You will work in a team, but are expected to be assertive.

  • - You make shure that certain spots with a higher risk run flawlessly. This involves certain spots where more traffic is active.

  • - You are a member of our team and provide the participants and your team members with safety and a succesful day!

This job will involve only one day of work on the 15th of april, with working hours from 9.00 until 16.00.

As a volunteer you will receive €50 as compensation for your time.

If you are interested please contact us now.

With Kind Regards,

Team "Run for Heart"


Mail: info@hartloop.rfh

Phone: 06-112287942