Edmond Doyle News 2-4-16

Thanks to everyone that came to our Family Night-Reading Book Fair! The childrens' projects were so very excellent and they were proud for everyone to see them. We will have them up during parent/teacher conferences for everyone to enjoy. Don't forget to visit our book fair in the library. Ms. Billos says thanks for all of your support. The money we make from the book fair helps us to purchase books and supplies for our library! We are fortunate to have Ms. Billos-she keeps us up to date and reading the best books! She also helps our students prepare for the OCCT we take in April. Everyone is working very hard to be ready for our big test-thank you for making sure your child is doing their best!

Parent/teacher conferences will be next week on Thursday, February 11th from 3:30-6:30 and Friday, February 12th from 8:00-12:00. Please make every effort to come to school to discuss your child's progress. If you need to make special arrangements, let us know-our goal is to always have 100% participation in our conferences. It is very important to us that we make the home/school connection. Children that have involved adults in their lives always do better in school and life! Thank you for making this possible!

Mrs. Braswell will be taking 12 students to Circle the State in Broken Bow on Friday, February 5th. Our students are very talented and we are so proud of all of them. Thanks to Mrs. Braswell their talent is being refined and polished! Edmond Doyle students are just amazing! If you attended our Christmas program-you know how well they all sing!

Valentine parties will be on Wednesday, February 10th at 1:00 for 1st graders. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders will have their parties on February 11th at 1:00. Thanks for sending party food and supplies for our students. Love is in the air, because we love your children every day! We appreciate how well you take care of our students during special events. Hopefully, many of you will be able to join us!

Dates to Remember:
  • February 10th-1st grade Valentine's parties at 1:00
  • February 11th-2nd, 3rd, 4th grade Valentine's parties at 1:00
  • February 11th-Parent/Teacher Conferences 3:30-6:30 Be sure and complete our parent surveys!
  • February 12th-Parent/Teacher Conferences 8:00-12:00 Be sure and complete our parent surveys! NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS
  • February 15th-Professional Day NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS