My True Colors

Ian Kolar 1st Hour

I am Green

In childhood, I appeared older than I was. I am impatient with boring routine work, and I feel as though I should be able to respect a teacher before I can learn from them.

In relationships, I prefer to let my head rule my heart. I am uneasy when my emotions control me; I want to establish a relationship, leave it to maintain itself, and turn my energies to my studies, work or other interests.

At work, I am conceptual and an independent thinker. I am drawn to constant challenge in careers, and like to develop models, explore ideas, or build systems to satisfy my need to deal with innovation. Once I have perfected an idea, I prefer to move on, leaving the project to be maintained and supported by others.

Leadership Styles, expects intelligence and competence, assumes task relevancy, seeks ways to improve systems, visionary, analytical, encourages change for improvement, constantly “in process” of change, expects people to follow through.

Symptoms of a bad day, indecisiveness, refusal to comply or cooperate; the silent treatment, extreme aloofness and withdrawal, snobbish, put-down remarks, and sarcasm, perfectionism due to severe performance anxiety, highly critical attitudes toward yourself or others.

Which three characteristics best describe you? Competent, Independent, and complex.

Which three characteristics least describe you? Daring, Competitive, and Flexible.

What type of job do you believe fits your personality type? A scientific job.

How will your color effect your work?

Positive: My color says that I will pursue work to the fullest. I will be a perfectionist.

Negative: Causes me to stay focused on one thing for a long time. I probably won't get along with many people.

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