Riverside County Regional Meeting

March 8, 2019


  • Breakfast
  • Welcome & "Lucky to Work with..."
  • Inspiration
  • School Wide Updates
  • Liz Palmiter - High School
  • Rupi Boyd - Accountability & Assessment
  • Lisa Sophos - ChoicePlus High School
  • Preferred Vendors
  • Sara Coronado - EA Update
  • Lunch - Panera Bread
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Closing
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School Wide Updates: 10:05-10:30

- Testing -

Accommodations & Supports for Students with IEPs and 504 Plans (Amy)

  • It is very important that SPED and 504 case managers are the only ones adding or removing any accommodations or designated supports for these students

  • Designated supports are available to all students and an HST can talk with a family and recommend certain supports, however, HSTs need to communicate with case managers if they feel that additional supports should be added to the TOMS tab in Pathways

  • IEPs and 504s are legal documents and it’s crucial that our qualified experts (case managers) are the only ones altering their accommodations and supports

  • Once a case manager enters the support on the TOMS tab it will take 1 week to show in the TOMS portal.

  • Some supports have to be listed in an IEP or 504, and the case manager is the expert who will know if that is the case.

    • If a support needs to be added to the student’s IEP/504, the HST will need to be available if it is necessary to have a meeting.

Early Assessment Program for High School Students (11th) (Debbie)

  • 11th grade students: SBAC for ELA and Math serve as an indicator of readiness for college-level coursework and are used by the CSU and participating California Community Colleges (CCCs) to determine Early Assessment Program (EAP) status.

  • If they wish and are prepared, students can authorize the release of their SBAC results for each assessment to the CSU and CCC systems during testing.

  • Students who do not release their results at the end of the assessments may later submit a copy of their score report to the CSU and/or CCC in which they have enrolled.

  • Score release does not affect a student’s application for admission; results are only used to determine a student’s placement after he or she has been admitted to the California State University.

Proctors (Mary)

Your participation in proctoring for PFT and SBAC is essential.
    • It affects the whole team if a proctor does not show up to their location.

    • Teachers should communicate with their TLC, RC or direct supervisor if they have an emergency and cannot show up for proctoring.

    • Directors and RCs can determine if an RTO should be submitted.

    • It’s helpful if people can call around and try to find a replacement.

1:1 Testing (Jamie)

  • IEP/504 1:1s Testing team is currently scheduling 1:1s for these students

    • They will be added to the SBAC proctor assignment sheet

    • Testing team will communicate with HSTs and case managers if we are not able to accommodate a 1:1 at a student’s preferred test location

    • We are not able to accommodate preferential 1:1s at test locations - HSTs need to schedule with families individually

  • Preferential 1:1s should be scheduled between HST and family directly.

    • “ I’m able to do a 1:1 this year but next year…”

    • Secure testing location like reserved library student room

    • Family home is permissible but should not have family members going through the room, any educational materials posted, and teacher should not be in a closed room alone with student without door propped open.

Enrichment (Jen)

Ordering Updates:

  • There is no ordering cut-off date for enrichment orders this Spring. Please see our Ordering Timeline and Tips for more information.

  • Please keep in mind that any books, workbooks, teacher manuals, technology, products, services, and activities requested by non-returning students should be used (consumed) by the end of the school year (June 30) or the withdrawal date, or they will need to be returned to the school.

Withdrawing Students:

  • Please fill out withdrawal survey ASAP once notified that students are withdrawing

  • Can only pay for services for enrolled students. Notify families that Inspire cannot pay for services beyond the withdrawal date.

  • Contact enrichment@inspireschools.org if orders are in Processing status & need to be canceled

  • If you previously emailed enrichment@inspireschools.org to notify the Enrichment Dept. of a withdrawal and the family changes their mind and plans to stay with Inspire, please also provide us with that update. Thank you!

Enrichment Returns:

Enrichment Office Hours for Teachers:

  • Have questions or concerns? Please join us for Enrichment Office Hours for HSTs each Monday from 3:30 - 5:00 P.M. - https://zoom.us/j/480368676

Audits/Instructional Funds (Katie)

Partial Fund vs Balance Transfers

  • Instructions and guidelines have been updated in the HST Handbook Section 10.12

  • Partial fund transfer requests are submitted directly in the EOS by the HST (and/or Enrichment)

    • We approve/process partial fund transfer requests when:

One student has no remaining funds


One student does not have sufficient funds to process their pending order(s)

Please be sure that the family has submitted their order requests before submitting the partial fund transfer request in the EOS. This does not apply for FTE orders.

  • Remaining balance transfer requests are submitted to the Fund Discrepancy & Audit Survey

    • We transfer remaining balances from graduating seniors who were enrolled the entire school year (no late enrolled students). Seniors who graduated early will require a fund adjustment for the months they were enrolled.

    • Families should submit their request to the HST (this is not automatically done nor should it be advertised)

    • HSTs should fill out the survey 4-6 weeks before graduation - the Audit Team must audit the account before any remaining funds can be transferred.

Please do not submit remaining balance transfer requests in the EOS!

OSP (Courtney)

18/19 OSP Parent Survey

  • Please share the survey with all families, including those who opted-out - we want to hear from everyone!

  • If HSTs have subscription recommendations, please use the same survey and select “OPTED OUT” on the survey - you will be given the option to submit your recommendations

  • 19/20 OSP Subscription options should be announced in May 2019

Tech (Zena)

Tech Team:

  • Recently doubled the size of the Tech Team!

  • Tech North has TRIPLED (from 1 to 3 people) :-)

  • Expanded our Vendor List for equipment procurement MUCH FASTER lead times

Ordering Updates:

  • ALMOST caught up to current - significant strides from the last update

  • SPED Orders update


  • Equipment has been purchased and is currently being updated and distributed.

  • We are proactively visiting testing sites to mitigate issues we saw last year.

  • Extensive study of geo-locations for wireless internet coverage completed.

Tech Returns:

  • Gained efficiencies over last year - more dedicated staff resources working on returns

  • Ticket based


  • Network and device security - content filtering /data loss prevention

  • Staff Store

  • SSO (single sign on)

Curriculum (Kari)

Due to the significant increase in enrollments we identified several major “Pain” points from this year:

  • Significant delays in curriculum fulfillment

  • Long delays in deducting student accounts

  • Confusion about what classes are being ordered

  • Mistakes in online account set ups

What's in the works...

  • We’ve designed and are building a Curriculum Ordering System (COS)

    • Deductions will happen immediately

    • Greater clarity about the courses that were ordered

    • Auto Account creation integration with some of our online curriculum options

  • Designing new processes to fulfill orders

    • New process designs should greatly shorten order fulfillment times

    • Order errors should be greatly reduced

We’re looking at other ways to 1) Take more tasks away from our teachers and, 2) Put a smile on our parents’ faces.

Odysseyware (Brandi)

Please take advantage of the below offer if additional support is desired.

Odysseyware is offering personalized webinars for teachers that may have questions. Please reach out to Ann Barker via phone or email to schedule a meeting before April 12.

Phone: 480.435.3139

Email: abarker@odysseyware.com

SPED 101 (Amy)

The 2/26/19 session of SPED 101 was a success!

Recording & Slides

More presentations to come!!!

Remember the SPED Website: Inspire Cares

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What do I do when I get an IEE request?

Should you receive a written IEE request, please immediately inform your Program Specialist, Regional Special Education Director, and the Director of Special Education-Assessment & Mental Health, Dr. Cris Navarro (christinanc@inspireschools.org), in order for the Directors to review the request and determine the next course of action.

2) A parent of a student on my caseload submitted a written request for their other child to be assessed for Special Education. What do I do with the request?

Should you receive an Initial SPED request (student is a GE student), please forward the request immediately to the Assessment Team to process the request. Inspire has 15 days to respond with an Assessment Plan. The Assessment Team email address is: assessmentteam@inspireschools.org

3) I received an Occupational Therapy, Counseling, or Behavior request for a student on my caseload. Do I send out an Assessment Plan (AP) immediately?

Should you receive a request, please reach out to the appropriate Assessment Team member for consultation. An IEP should be convened to address, discuss, and document parent's concerns. The IEP Team can then determine if an assessment is warranted and if an AP will need to be completed. When the AP is developed, an Assessment Team will need to review the AP prior to sending it out to parent. Please note that Inspire would still need to respond within 15 days.

Assessment Team:

4) I spoke to a parent over the phone and I interpreted our conversation as she is requesting an IEE. Do we move forward with it?

As it was indicated in the training, please do not assume or interpret a parent's conversation. Rather, ask parent to submit their request in writing and encourage parent to indicate the specific area(s) that they are not in agreement with and areas that they are requesting for an IEE.

SPED Transition (Debbie)

Exciting News!!

Our One-Stop-Shop for SPED Transition services and resources is now available! Please click here for SPED Transition website

  • Updated weekly!

  • Links to student and parent workshops!

Theme for 2019-2020 School Year...

The Adventure of Learning

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Talking Points! (Mary)

  • Lots & Lots of Field Trips!

  • Instructional Funds

  • OSP Opt-Out

  • NCAA!

  • Enrichment Adventures

  • Lending Libraries

  • Family Support (AKA - our amazing HSTs!)

The Three Amigos (Jamie)

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Mission Vista Academy Update (Amy)

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MIssion Vista Academy was approved!!

  • Thank you to everyone who was able to come for support!
  • We are excited to transfer kids to Mission Vista Academy
  • High School students will need 4 years of English and 2 years of PE
  • We won't be moving graduating seniors

NCAA (Liz)

Great news! Inspire Charter Schools will have NCAA approval starting with the 2019-2020 school year. When talking with families regarding NCAA please make sure they understand the following:

Students wanting to be eligible to play NCAA sports in college must take a series of required courses starting in 9th grade and must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center in 10th grade.

Students must use NCAA approved curriculum. At this time Inspire is approved for HQT-led Edgenuity courses only. We hope to add other curriculum options soon.

If you have additional NCAA questions please contact Liz Palmiter (lizp@inspireschools.org).

High School: Liz Palmiter - 10:30-11:00

CHOICE PLUS HIGH SCHOOL: Lisa Sophos 11:00-11:30

Accountability & Assessment: Rupi Boyd 11:30-12:00

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Lunch 12:10-12:40

EA Update: Sara Coronado 12:40-12:50

EA Update: Sara Coronado

Presentation Linked HERE

Preferred Vendors: 12:50-1:00

Preferred Vendors

Presentation Linked HERE

See below for links to the presentations from the break-outs

Session Locations

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