Saturday Qigong-2 classes

This Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday Qigong--10 am-12 pm

Come for all 2 hours, or part of it. We explore the active meditation and benefits of qigong for your mind and body. It is Spring, and we will be focusing on forms that help us to 'spring' into health, move the blood, insure proper functioning of the liver and joints.

Bring a friend, dress comfortably, bring some water or tea. Cushions and blankets provided. The place is Vida Yoga Studio, on the NW corner of Iris Ave. and 28th St., in North Boulder.

Cost is by donation to towards room rental.

1000 Hands Buddha Qigong Workshop--12:30pm-2:30 pm.

One Thousand Hands Buddha is a superior spiritual healing qigong method. This practice cultivates a sense of connectedness between the Universe, the heart and mind, through a series of elegant hand mudra movements. This particular form allows us to rediscover our innate noble heart, to eliminate fear and suffering, and find true happiness. It is also helpful for stress and strengthens memory.

Call 303-545-2021 to reserve your place. Class size is limited to 10.

Cost is $50, and includes instruction book.

Nancy A. Rao, ND, LAc

Taught by Nancy Rao, who has been working in Chinese medicine and naturopathic healthcare with people for over 27 years, and has the Boulder Naturopathic Clinic in Boulder, Colorado. Nancy has been certified by the Ling Gui International School of Qigong and the Liu family to teach medical qigong forms. She incorporates meditation, mudras, and readings in her classes.

Other classes: Fridays, 9am-10am.