Economics News Investigations

By: Austin Tollefson

"Hiring slows as U.S. adds 142,000 jobs"

This article states that the U.S. has added many jobs in the last few months, but the employment rate has gone down lower than before. While that happens, the unemployment rate has gone down because people have left the labor force. This relates to unemployment because it could cause an increase to the unemployment rate. Many economists are saying that it will not last long at all, that it is just a blip. If that is the case, then it will help to lower unemployment rate and unemployment is a big problem.
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"Billionaire Michael Bloomberg's advice: become a plumber"

The question now facing us is if we should go to college, or be a plumber. You can pay $50,000 - $60,000 to go to Harvard, or you can get that much as an apprentice plumber. It relates to profit because if you go to Harvard, you will get a negative profit. But if you get a job as a plumber, you can get a great profit. When you make the decision for college or plumbing, you will make a big decision on your profit.

"The Nation’s Economy, This Side of the Recession"

We have been loosing jobs fast in the recession. Jobs had been rising until 2008, that was when the jobs started to take a dive. this is related to unemployment because unemployment should have started to raise, but higher and lower priced jobs were being taken as fast as the other jobs were being taken away.

"There’s actually some decent news on the wage front"

U.S. companies has continued to add employees. people think that the wage has been decreasing, but the wage has been increasing. It is related to industrial economy because it shows that we are still growing and that we are getting close to the point where we stop going up.

"Drop Crude Oil Export Ban To Keep Shale Revolution Going"

Falling oil prices are slowing down the shale production. That is making people think that we should drop the ban on the export of crude oil. This is related to National debt because if we drop the ban, then we will get more export. When that happens, we will lose national debt because we will get more export than income. It would probably just slow down the process.