Abolish Columbus Day

By: Brenda Valdez

Reason #1: Columbus wasn't the first one who stepped foot on America

Evidence #1:Columbus is given credit to have discovered America. If America was already inhabited by Native Americans then the European explorer only found it. The land that Columbus had 'found' was already territory to many natives who had culture and saw it as their own. Also, the vikings had made settlement more than 200 years before Columbus' landing on the Americas yet there isn't a holiday to recognize them.

Reason #2: Cons of the Explorer's and immigrants' arrival to America

Evidence #2: There is no doubt that the immigrants had much influence in America but there are negatives to their arrival. The Native Americans who were already inhabited America had their own culture, meaning their own music,art, language, and writing. When Christopher Columbus arrived he saw them as uneducated people and so he said he would bring back 6 because they would make great servants. Columbus also said 'I knew they were people to be converted our holy faith'. Ignorant that the they had their own ways Columbus insisted that they were to adapt to new ideas. The arrival of the immigrants and explorers brought diseases, from which many Native Americans died.

People's View On Christopher Columbus' Idea of 'Discovering Land'