Alabama's Judicial Branch

BY : Arlaija Vaughan

judicial branch

The Administrative Office of Courts, in conjunction with the Alabama State Bar Leadership Class and a Task Force of Bar Leadership Alumni Class members, has completed a 20 month comprehensive study of state and local court costs in each county.

supreme court

  • The Supreme Court of Alabama is composed of a chief justice and eight associate justices.
  • The Supreme Court has authority to review decisions rendered by the other courts of the state.
  • The chief justice is the administrative head of the state's judicial system. The Supreme Court may make rules governing administration, practice, and procedure in all courts.

appelate courts

Appellate courts do not try cases, have juries, witnesses, or court reporters. They review actions or decisions of the trial courts by review- ing the record on questions of law or allegations of procedural error.

about the court

  • The Court of Civil Appeals consists of five judges, the most senior judge serving as the presiding judge.
  • The Court of Civil Appeals has jurisdiction of all appeals from administrative agencies in which a judgment was rendered in the circuit court.

alabama's court of criminal appeals

This court is composed of five judges, one of whom is elected by the members of the court to serve as presiding judge.