ALC Update!

Ticket Reservations & Intro to Program Coordinators

Dear ALC Participants!

Hello again from Stanford!

At ALC, we know that learning about American culture doesn't just happen in the classroom - it also happens during late night conversations in dorms, during bus rides, and out in the local community. That's why we've organized lots of activities that get you out and meeting new people!

For three of these activities, you will need to reserve a ticket in order to participate. Each of the activities below is OPTIONAL, but if you would like VIA to reserve a ticket and/or transportation for you, please submit your request using the online form below by JULY 19th.

Once you place a request, you cannot change your tickets, and if you miss the July 19 deadline, we will not be able to reserve a ticket for you. You can pay for the tickets by cash after you arrive in Stanford. It is best to reserve soon, because tickets may sell out.

Below are brief descriptions of the activities and the cost.

Meet your Program Coordinator Team!

We have a fabulous team of eleven Program Coordinators! They are all familiar with US university life, so they will be great mentors for you! Their job is to support you in your English studies, take you on great adventures, and help you navigate any challenges you may face while you're on the ALC program.

We also have two English Teaching Fellows, Amy and Kristin! They have developed a great set of workshops to give you more opportunities to practice English in a fun and low-stress way!