The Power of ONE

R10 Special Pops October 2016 e News

The Power of Why

We hope you all enjoyed the teambuilding experience. We really appreciate everyone having an open mind and bringing so much creativity and fun to the event. That afternoon, we also engaged in some interactive activities that facilitated our understanding of the vision, mission, and purpose of the service center, our service area, and ourselves.

Purpose has always been very important to me in every aspect of my life. We can all attest to the fact that we wanted to do this work because we wanted to make a difference in the lives of students. While some of our days are filled with unexplainable highs, during the stressful moments of our daily routines with our most difficult situations, we can often be left to wonder if what we are doing really matters.

I'll share a story with you that I have shared before that reminds me why I do what I do. I was walking into a grocery store in my hometown when all of a sudden I hear a scream that only a former behavior teacher recognizes. As my teacher instincts kicked in, I turned around swiftly prepared to intervene when I see a familiar, yet vastly older, face running towards me at full speed yelling MRS. ESTRADA, MRS. ESTRADA!! He grabs me and hugs me as tight as he can and says, Mrs. Estrada, I'm so glad you are here. After our conversation, I learned that he was employed at this store and while he still struggles with some of the same things he struggled with in middle school, he was independent, he was employed, and he was visibly happy. I went along with my shopping trip and as I was checking out, he came back one more time to tell me goodbye and make sure his manager knew I was his old teacher. After he walked away, his boss told me that anytime he is faced with a challenge, he uses his strategies that I taught him in 7th grade. Not only did I not think my strategies were effective when I spent hours talking him out of meltdowns day in and day out, I would have never guessed he would use those strategies as a young adult.

I tell you this story so you stop and realize that even though you may not see your hard work pay off today, or tomorrow, or even next month, you will live on forever in the adults and students that you serve, and that is why we do what we do.

I am every student I ever taught, a piece of everyone of them has made me who I am today and I know that everyone of you have these same stories and experiences.

Please take a moment and celebrate your small successes, most importantly, remind yourself and each other of all of those moments that matter.

We are one team, one family, one service area, one service center, with one goal-advocating for and empowering those we serve so students' lives can be better, every day.

Take care of your family and remember - Leave people better than you found them.

You are making a difference!

Important Dates

Oct 21: Connecting the Dots Expo 10:00-2:00 Ranchview High School, Irving TX

Nov 3: Special Pops Administrative Assistant Monthly Meeting

Nov 7: Direct Service Team Meeting

Nov 8: Election Day

Nov 9: Support Services Team Meeting

Nov 12: Connecting the Dots Expo 10:00-2:00 Coleman Middle School Cedar Hill, TX

Nov 17: Director Meeting (Collin/Dallas)

Nov. 24: Thanksgiving

Fall Special Pops Professional Development Courses and Dates

We will be offering a team based Intervener Training at Region 10 on Feb 20, 2017

If you know of any districts that have this need, please let Christy know so we can give them further information.

Golden Nuggets & News to Know

If you have an item you would like place on our Team Meeting Agenda, please email me.

School Stream Checklist Link (also in Google Site under Travel)

New Electronic Requisition Form - Required for any expenditure request (PO/PA/credit card/cash advance, etc) Please see your administrative assistant or T if you have any questions.

Houston Chronicle Link (Jana discussed at our meeting and some of you requested the link)

R10 Professional Learning Model Choice Board (We will be interacting with this at our next team meeting as well)

Congratulations to Tetyana!! Tetyana will now be Jana's new administrative assistant. She will continue to support April as well during the transition.

We will now have 3 openings:

  • Administrative Assistant to support the behavior team (T's old position)
  • 1 Full Time SPEDTex consultant
  • 1 Part Time SPEDTex consultant

If you know of anyone that would be interested, please pass along the information.

Two visuals representing your ONE words are below, please click on the Google form under the pictures to vote which one you think we should use for our TEAM visual.


Thank you for all of your input in developing our meeting norms. Once ranked, your expected norms are as follows:

Our meetings will:

  1. be organized and purposeful (clear objectives stated)
  2. be respectful of time and attention
  3. include a collaborative agenda provided in advance
  4. be interactive and engaging
  5. be a safe place to speak up and to be heard

Please include these on any team or group meeting agendas.