Maverick Express june 2020


Dear Maverick Families,

We are deeply concerned by the recent national events involving the killing of George Floyd. Schools can be a place where dialogue and conversation can occur amongst a variety of perspectives and beliefs. And together, our students can learn to listen and to empathize with the stories we all bring to Mountainside.

I am fearful that because we are not meeting in person, our students may be left scared, confused, and anxious about what they see in the media. It is a partnership between parents and the school to help our students become critical thinkers and to give them the tools to become the next generation to lead our country. Let me be clear, racism has no place at Mountainside. We have worked hard for three years to create a culture of inclusivity and support for one another. We strive to create a safe place of diverse beliefs and backgrounds where everyone feels respected. Our inclusive work is on-going and continuous.

If this was a normal year, we would pause and create Advisory lessons and avenues for discussion to occur in our classes. I have asked our teachers to do what they can in our online format to give students the opportunity to process what they are seeing. In addition, I have a group of diverse students who meet regularly in the Principal’s HERD (Here Everyone Respects Diversity). I will reach out this week to members of the HERD to engage in a virtual conversation to listen and to support. Also, we are fortunate to have a strong group of students in our Black Student Union with Advisor Brooke Davidson. I have reached out to Ms. Davidson in the hope that I can meet with our BSU students so that they know our commitment to justice at Mountainside, to be an ally, and to listen.

This generation is already more connected and more diverse, and I am confident that through their empathy they will create positive societal change to our country.

Thank you for partnering with us as we finish this strangest of school years. I appreciate how supportive our parent community has been as our teachers learn to deliver traditional brick and mortar curriculum in a very non-traditional way. I would be remiss not to mention how we all mourn the loss of a common celebration for our seniors and their parents. We are trying to plan some fun events for our seniors to try to acknowledge the deep accomplishments and legacy they have created at MHS. Here are some dates to be aware of:

Tuesday, June 3rd; 9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.: Athletic Gear turn-in for all grades

Information was sent out directly from coaches regarding expectations on this day.

Tuesday, June 9th; 11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.: Senior Mavs Day

More details to be sent separately to Seniors and their parents by end of this week, but Seniors will drop off Chromebooks, Senior Rock and will pick-up Yearbooks and Graduation Regalia (Please note - delivery delays may mean a separate pick-up day for regalia and Yearbooks). Seniors will wear their caps and gowns and take a picture on a stage outside of our building to include in a potential Virtual Graduation.

Tuesday, June 9th; 6:00 p.m.: Senior Awards Release

We will release a link through SchoolMessenger and Canvas for students and parents to view our Senior Awards presentation.

Thursday, June 11th: Last official day of school for 9th-11th graders.

Monday, June 15th; 3:00 p.m.

Teachers will have Passing or Incomplete grades entered for 9th-11th graders.

July 10th: In-person Graduation Decision Day

The District will decide if we can move forward with an in-person Graduation event of some kind. If not, we will create a Virtual Graduation presentation.

August 3rd; 6:00 p.m.: GRADUATION!

We will either host an in-person graduation event, or we will release the Virtual Graduation link through SchoolMessenger and Canvas.


In lieu of the Grad Night Party, the Grad Night Committee is working to provide a gift to each Senior. The hope is to hand this gift out during the June 9th Senior Day.

Please email Robyn Fuenmayor for a refund or a donation of your purchased Grad night party ticket:


The District is in the process of refunding all Spring Athletics fees. Payments made by credit cards will be refunded directly. Payments made by cash or check will take longer. In addition, class fees for classes such as Art, Culinary, Engineering, Construction, etc. will be refunded by half and student accounts will be credited. If a payment was not made for the 2nd semester, yet, then half of the class fee will be charged to a student’s account. All fines and fees can be viewed and paid through the Online Payment System. Seniors need to have all fines and fees and library books turned in by June 9th. If you have questions, please contact Bookkeeper Brooks Weishan-Miller at:


Right now, the expectation is that students will keep their Chromebooks, library books, and other materials over the summer. Returns and Yearbook hand-out will occur when we return to school. If you are moving away from Mountainside, however, please make arrangements to come to the office to turn-in Chromebooks, library books, etc.

Lastly, we know that plans for schooling in the Fall are still up in the air. As soon as we have information that we can share, we will share with our community. Meanwhile, please enjoy your summer, and we truly cannot wait to see you all in person.

If you have questions, you can reach me via email at:

Sue Neeway is my amazing principal’s secretary, and she can be reached through the Mountainside Main Line at 503-356-3500 or by email at

The best way to obtain information currently is to follow us on

Facebook at:

Twitter: @mountainsidehs

Instagram: @mountainsidehs


ib diploma programme

As the year comes to an end, we recommend current IBDP juniors, if continuing with the second year of an IB course, consider taking the IB exam next year. In the fall, IBDP students will complete registration for IB exams. IB exam fees for 2019-2020 were $94/subject test (+ one-time $6 postage fee).

The Benefits of Taking IB Exams

Taking an IB exam for an IB class completes the assessment cycle for that course. The exam confirms and affirms the learning that took place and builds confidence in students. The official scores on the exams may earn students college credit or advanced placement in college classes. Students who take IB courses and the accompanying exams are better prepared for the work they will face in college.

How to Decide Which IB Exams to Take

IB exams may only be taken by juniors and seniors. Students must be in the final year of the IB course in order to test. Full diploma candidates will need to assess in six subjects overall. Full diploma candidates (2022) may take one IB exam towards their IB diploma in their junior year. If a student is not a candidate for the full IB diploma, they are considered IB Course candidates. These students earn an IB Course certificate upon the successful completion of the IB exam for a given subject. Course candidates may register for as many exams as they wish. Oregon public colleges and universities grant college credit for both Higher Level and Standard Level IB subjects with a score of four or above. Students should research if the colleges and universities they are interested in attending award credit for IBDP exams. (IB College Credit in Oregon)

ib art

Art Scholarships

The Beaverton Arts Foundation has awarded Sonya Calendar & Valery Tsai with their Outstanding Achievement in the Visual Arts Scholarship. High school seniors attending a public, private or alternative school within the Beaverton School District and college students currently enrolled in courses at Portland Community College and living within Beaverton School District boundaries are eligible for this scholarship opportunity.

Congratulations also to Nathan Koga and Anna Bakun who were awarded BAF's Outstanding Achievement in the Performing Arts Scholarship.

IB Art Exhibition

Due to the closure students had to complete their IB Art Exam at home. 40% of the exam is a senior exhibition. National Art Honor Society student Morgan Watson helped create an online exhibition to share with the community. We hope you enjoy the work created by these incredible young MAV artists.

IB Art Exhibition

Herzog-Meier Art Show

For 32 years Herzog-Meier Auto Center has held an annual two week art show in their auto center for BSD seniors. They grant one student from every high school in Beaverton a merit scholarship. This year the show was moved online. Scholarship recipients are selected solely on artistic merit by a panel composed of professionals in art, media and design from Nike, Studio Cue and Oregon Society of Artists.

Art Show

middle years programme

Mountainside is the only comprehensive high school in the state of Oregon to be authorized to offer the International Baccalaureate’s Middle Years Programme (MYP). We chose to be an MYP school because we believed this program would help us meet the goals below:

  • To prepare students for success in IB Diploma classes in 11th and 12th grade

  • To develop the culture of an “IB School”, rather than a school with an IB program

  • To help students develop meaningful, transferable skills

  • To focus on “Big Ideas” and concepts, rather than rote memorization

  • To facilitate teacher collaboration, which should lead to a more consistent experience for students

  • To encourage student inquiry and choice, for example with the Personal Project

As a new school, we know that we have work to do, and that work will continue into next year, when we, hopefully, have an opportunity to invite students back into our building. While our primary focus at Mountainside at this moment is to adjust to the circumstances we find ourselves in now, it is still important to keep our eyes on our long-term vision and growth. That may come in to clearer focus with feedback from members of our community. How are we doing so far? Are there successes worth celebrating? In what areas can we grow and improve? Please email MYP Coordinator Jeremiah Hubbard at with your thoughts.


11th grade ACT scores have been mailed to students as the tests were graded. Scores will be updated in StudentVue mid-July to mid-August.

10th grade Pre-ACT scores are not yet graded, but are expected to be graded this summer with results mailed to Mountainside sometime in September. Scores will be in StudentVue after that.

Sorry for the delayed scores. There has been limited staff working with ACT tests during the COVID-19 shutdown. You may contact Jennifer Bealer if you have further questions.


Yearbook Sales & Seniors

There are only 250 copies of this year's MHS yearbook left! Books are $75 and will remain that price until we run out. To double check and see if a book has been ordered for your student, check the list here:

To purchase a book, go to This is the only way to purchase an MHS yearbook.

We still have 109 Seniors who have not purchased a book. We are on a mission to get a book into the hands of every senior and because of that, we are offering scholarships and fully comped books (for those that qualify) to seniors. Please email the Yearbook Advisor, Ms. Noah, at if you are a senior, or senior parent, and facing financial hardship and need help paying for a book. If you are a senior, or the parent of a senior, please check this document for a list of seniors who have not yet purchased a book:

Yearbook Distribution

The current plan is to distribute yearbooks to Seniors on June 9th. Please know, though, that this plan may change due to delivery delays from the Jostens plant. Stay tuned for details.

For grades 9-11, there is not a specific distribution plan in place, yet. We will let you know as soon as we get this figured out.

Digital Signing

In response to COVID-19, Jostens has created a platform for all students to sign one another's yearbooks. This is an amazing opportunity to keep the yearbook signing tradition alive, and it's open to any student, not just those who've purchased a book!!

Go here to get started:

welcome future mavs!

In this June edition of the Mav Express, we want to extend a special welcome to our Future Mavs: our incoming 9th grade students, the class of 2024.

At Mountainside, we encourage students to CONNECT, EXPLORE, and PURSUE. We are excited to have you join our community and know that you will contribute your own new strengths and skills to our classes and activities as you explore new opportunities and pursue your own paths.

Welcome to Mountainside Class of 2024 and Go Mavs!"

mhs summer school

June 29 through July 30, 2020

Summer School registration is now up and running for 8.5, credit recovery, and new credit classes (Health I & II, and ISV AGS). Please visit the MHS Summer School page for additional information. Registration and payment are only online this year. Once we have verified the information and class registration on your online form, the charges for the class(es) will appear on your student’s account and you will be able to pay for the class(es) through the BSD Online Payment System. All payments must be made prior to the beginning of class and payment does not guarantee a spot in a class as under-enrolled classes may be cancelled.

Contact the Summer School Coordinator, Steven Sanderson, at if you have any questions or concerns.

medication pick up

If your student has medication at Mountainside, please plan on picking it up prior to June 19. You can arrange a pick up time by emailing Sue Neeway. She is available Monday through Thursday from 9:00 to 12:00. Please indicate what day and time you would like to come by and your medication will be waiting for you on a cart outside the main entrance to the building.



To those interested in welcoming the class of 2024 to Mountainside we need you for Link Crew! We are currently at 40 applicants and would like to double that. Link Crew is a peer mentor program where seniors are trained to lead small groups of freshmen for the freshman orientation day and other check-in times throughout the year during Advisory (your class had a little different experience your freshman year with Link Crew since teachers had to lead you through Link Crew activities as we didn’t have any upperclassmen students at our school then). Link Crew is open to all current Juniors (requirements listed on application below) and earns you up to 20 service hours as well. We realize there are some unknowns going into the fall, which means having a group willing to be connections and role models for our incoming 9th graders will be more important than ever! Applications are available on Canvas or by clicking on this link- Due by next Thursday, June 11th:



  • ASB Presidents: Johannah Iyasele & Rylee Poindexter
  • ASB Secretary: Jordan Bayon
  • ASB Treasurer: Garrett Thornhill
  • Sr. Class Presidents: Jack Cramer & Lucy Doggett
  • Jr. Class Presidents: Brooke Hatch & Alison Kang
  • Soph Class Presidents: Ella Irving & Stella Lee
  • ASB Director of Assemblies: Madeline Smith
  • ASB Director of Entertainment: Neekie Bonakdar
  • ASB Directors of Design & Publicity: Maddie McCalley & Kristina Trinh
  • ASB Director of Outreach: Bryce Dahlgren
  • ASB Director of Service: Zoe Kingsley
  • ASB Director of Spirit: Jane Duncan
  • ASB Director of Spotlight: Maida Tahirkheli
  • ASB Director of Tech: Colin Fracasso-Boone
  • ASB Director of Unity: Anna Miller

To our Mountainside students, staff, parents, and community,

First of all, we really wanted to thank each and every one of you for continuing to show community and spirit for our school during these virtual and unexpected times. We know how hard this has been for all of us, but we believe we have really shown that as a school we can still rally together. Although this school year ended in a way we never expected, the Student Council Executive Board has been working extra hard to move our events and make them virtual, continue to keep everyone engaged, and continue to create traditions that will last for years to come. As your newly elected board for next year we are so excited and committed to making sure the 2020-2021 school year is extremely special and fun for our whole community. We promise that no matter what our summer and school year looks like, we will try our hardest to make it the best one yet! We are so excited to see all of you in person back at Mountainside, when it’s safe for us all, and make the 2020-2021 school year amazing!

Go Mavs!

Your 2020-2021 Student Council Executive Board


Current juniors, we want to see the best possible designs for next year’s SENIOR SHIRTS! Senior Shirt designs are due by Friday, June 5th. The winner of the shirt design contest, voted on by the senior class, will receive a prize and free shirt!

Here are the requirements:

● Artwork for the front AND back side

● One OR two color font/designs

● Digital designs submitted to Reinholt by email
All designs are due by Friday, June 5th.


Our annual Supply Drive has been canceled, but save your donations! We will hold a Supply Drive next school year. Remember that we will be taking clothes, canned food, snack bars, hygiene and feminine products, and books. Please save them so that you can donate!

If you have an adult bicycle that you are able to donate to our school, please email Mr. Reinholt at! It will be used for Leadership and school-wide activities in the future and can be a used adult bicycle, even if it is not in perfect condition.


Our Painted Rocks service opportunity is still available, and will be for the rest of the school year! Students can earn up to two service hours by participating in this event, one hour for painting the rocks, and one hour for placing them! To participate, please go to Remember that if you participate in this event, you will have to wait to turn in your Community Service Form until the fall.


This year, the Oregon Community Foundation (OCF) granted Mountainside’s Leadership program $5,000 to donate to charities of our choosing. After a school wide poll, the Community 101 team found that the most pressing issue our students wanted to focus on is mental health and anxiety. After researching and interviewing a number of nonprofits, our leadership program decided to allot $2,000 to Lines for Life. The money will be used to train teen volunteers on how to respond to the life lines and give appropriate advice to their peers. Lines for Life offer a number of resources which can be found on their website

If you are struggling with your mental health in any way, Lines for Life is an excellent resource to seek help. Amid the decision-making process, our team was presented the opportunity to donate some of our grant money to the OCF COVID-19 fund. Because of the immense impact this pandemic has had on our community and communities everywhere, we have decided to donate the remaining $3,000 to this fund.


Birthday slides will continue to be posted on all Mountainside social media accounts each week.



Seniors, we will hopefully be having Prom on August 1st at Mountainside. More information to be determined by the Beaverton School District on July 10th. Also, be on the lookout for Prom Court Announcements and Prom information on our school social media.


As a senior legacy/gift, we will have a tree in the courtyard. To personalize it, we are asking all seniors to decorate the “upright” face of a small, individual rock with their name and any design of their choice to surround the tree. So seniors, set your inner artists free and have fun with this during this break. We will also have a plaque placed around the tree for future classes to identify us as the first graduating class in Mountainside history!

“How to:”

  • Rock must be able to fit in your hand
  • Must be appropriate (no curse words, inside jokes, explicit drawings, etc)
  • After collection, we will put a clear coat over your art to make it waterproof
  • Drop off at MHS Tuesday, June 9th (same day as yearbooks/chromebook check-in/etc.)


As part of our efforts to highlight our senior class check out @mountainsideseniors for student spotlights and more!