Thomsons ITM News

September 2015

Does Sustainability Add Value?

Do features such as solar hot water or more durable building materials add financial value to a house?
BRANZ is investigating. This study looks at how builders, designers, real estate agents, valuers and home buyers value sustainability and resilience features. The research shows that;

  • Home buyers seldom value sustainability & resilience features over things like a nicer kitchen
  • There is little help for people to value these features
  • The premium paid on the resale of a house may not accurately reflect the value of the sustainability features in the home

Builder’s view ( builders from 10 large NZ firms )

  • They did not generally see their role as giving advice, more delivering what clients wanted
  • Few clients asked about sustainability features, preferring · to spend money on kitchens and bathrooms
  • Majority felt sustainability added little value, although most acknowledged not having much technical expertise in this area.

The first year finding from this two year project are reported in BRANZ Study report SR333 (2015 ) Valuing sustainability and resilience features in housing.

September Price Increases

Senco – 6% on all products

Industrial Plastic Shapes – 3.57% on Slate grey decking

Premier Packaging – 5%