The Diary of Anne Frank

Anne Frank

You must have courage when faced with obstacles.

The people in the annex must have courage when faced with obstacles. This theme is shown throughout the play. From when they first arrive they must have courage. This is shown when Mr. Frank says " We must have complete quite while the workmen are in the building. We must not move unless necessary. We can not use the sink or throw away any trash we will burn it at night"(375). This means they have to do nothing for 8 hours everyday. They also show courage when they let Dussel into the annex Mr. Kraler says " His name is Dussel and he need a place to stay." Mr. Frank says " Bring him up we can stretch the food supply for a while" (390). This shows courage because they don't have a lot of food but the still share with him. Miep shows courage when she brings up the cake with the words "Peace in 1944" and miep says "Well it has to happen sometime"(413). This means that they will not give up and have courage throughout.

Always have hope even in the worst of problems

The theme, Always have hope even in the worst of problems is shown throughout the Diary of Anne Frank. The theme is shown when miep comes up into the annex and starts to talk about the ally forces and says "The radio...BBC said they landed on the coast of Normandy"(428). This is important because it gives them hope that they will not have to hide much longer. Another time is when they are found by the nazi and Mr. Frank says "For the past two year we have lived in fear but now we can live in hope" (433). This means that they will have to hope they live in the camps. The theme is also shown when the end of the scene comes and it is Anne's voice and says "or anyone else if you should find this diary will you please keep it safe for me because someday I hope" (433). This means that she hopes to find her diary again.

Anne Frank

Anne Frank was born June 12, 1929. She was a Jew that lived during world war 2 that went into hiding. She hid with another family called the Vaan dans. She hid for 2 years before she was found and taken to a concentration camp. Anne Frank died February/ March 1945.
The major and minor theater faces represent Anne. she can be the major and be very positive and bring everyone up in hard times. She can also be the minor face and fight and put everyone down.


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