I always way thrilled to finally get to the part in ss class,and now i needed up to be a Egyptian genius. Egyptian gods was the heart of Egypt there wasn't anything u would hear about Egypt with it have something to do with the gods, BOOM!, WHAT WAS THAT


It was Set, one of the gods. Set had red scaly skin. His face was the only black part of his body. He had the face of a dog but stretched out, but the rest of him was a human. He was the god of the desert,storms and he was always mean. So that should answer that big boom question.
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For and example of a powerful god is Amen-Fe. He was so powerful that he was slit in two parts and could combined at any time. Amen-Fe stayed in a big village in human body(s) to be equal to others. He had the powers of wind and controlled the sky's. He had the separate of all flying animals. And as i told u that he was powerful he is the king of gods (literally).
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PTAH is a craftsman and is very god at it . He wrapped himself in a tight white silky cloth. He also had a golden staff. He is the god of art,crafts,and separate.He was from somewhere called the old kingdom as well. He created a cult,which was the care.
See these kind of things interest me. I guess people just might call me weird. If you still have questions you can go to this link : WWW . science, and search Egyptian gods. when i use to need something I always look on that website.
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