Thursday, March 26, 2015


Students are marking the outside walls with rocks while they are at recess. This is considered destruction of school property. Please be sure you are actively monitoring students and keeping them away from the walls during recess.


After conversations between administrators from all campuses, there has been a change regarding employee children on campuses for our double day, April 2nd. IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO FIND CHILDCARE off campus, they will be permitted to be on stay on campus until 6pm. THEY MUST STAY IN YOUR CLASSROOM AND NOT IN THE HALLWAYS OR OTHER AREAS OF THE SCHOOL.


Campuses will have an early dismissal day on April 2 for students. Employees will work a double day to make up for the February 27 staff development day by staying until 6:00 p.m.

The student day will be made up on June 3 as a full day of school. The last day for students will be June 4, which will be an early release day for students and a double day again for employees working until 6:00


2013 and 2014 Bulldog shirts are now ON SALE!

Hoodies / long sleeve are now $10.00 and short sleeve are now $8.00!

We have are waiting for a sample from PTA of each t-shirt and hoodie. These will be placed in the office as soon as they arrive.


March 30-April 17

1st Computer Lab: Escobedo,

K Computer Lab: Galaway

PK Computer Lab: Aguilar

Bus Duty: Parrott, C. Warren, Hendrick

Pick Up/Load Cars: Jones, Wimberly, Almonte, Hatter, J. Warren


March 27 - 1st Grade Field Trip - Polk, Cochran, Winters

April 1 - Easter Bunny visits KPS (1st, K)

April 2 - Easter Bunny visits KPS (PK, HS), Ecoland - Almonte, Escobedo; 1st Grade Field Trip - Jaap, McGilvray, Wiley, Cutrer; Early Dissmissal-1:00pm (Students Only); Double Day-6pm (Faculty and Staff)

April 3 - No School (students & staff)

April 6-10 TPRI testing (1st Grade)

April 6 - Pasta for Pennies in honor of Brayden Shipman

April 9 - Bridal Shower - Stephanie Shipp

April 10 - Lifetouch K Graduation Pictures; B.O.B. winners announced

April 13-17 TPRI testing (Kindergarten)

April 16 - Para Party, 2pm room 412

April 17 - End of the 5th six weeks; PPCD, HS and PK Zoo Trip

April 20 - Beginning of 6th six weeks

April 27, 29, 30 - Benchmark Testing (K)

April 28 - Spring Jam - 9am HS, K; 9:30 1st, PK

April 29 - Cheer Readers - 1st, PreK, HS - 9:40 & 10:15

April 30 - Retirement Reception - Mooney

May 1 - B.O.B Winners announced; PPCD - Special Olympics

May 3 - 8 - Teacher Appreciation Week

May 7 - Zoo Field Trip - Cooper, Shipp, Watson, Norris, Wilson, Zackery, Tinkle, Conner

May 8 - Zoo Field Trip - Thomas, Patterson, Navarro, Hicks, Rodriguez, Mach, Wardlaw

May 11-12 - Benchmarks (1st Grade)

May 13 - Field Day - PK, HS

May 14 - Field Day - K

May 15 - Field Day - 1st

May 18 - 22 - Benchmarks (K)

May 18 - Babyl Shower - Jaap

May 19 - 1st Grade to Visit Chandler

May 25 - No School (Students and Staff)

May 27 - K Graduation, 9am

May 28 - K Graduation , 9am

May 29 - K Graduation, 9am



Hatter, Gwen 3/27


Rios, Melissa 4/3

Ricks, Melissa 4/5

Galaway, Lee 4/7

Roberts, Cassie 4/25


Mach, Tammy 5/3

Cisneros, Yolanda 5/9

Cooper, Annie 5/23

Shipp, Stephanie 5/27

Watson, Riliegh 5/27

Mooney, Kathy 5/29