Home of the Gateway Arch. Come see it now!

Come to St. Louis and walk the arch while overlooking the city!

Yes! You can actually walk to the top of the arch, or take the elevator. Don't forget you can go to see fun places like Kansas City, Lake of the Ozark's, and Rock Bridge Memorial State Park.

There are many historic sites and places to visit in the state of Missouri!

The St Louis Zoo - Come see the new babies of 2016! Pheasants, "ugly penguin" chicks and more!

Table Rock State Park is a popular lakeside resort. It offers boating, camping, biking, and lake shore beaches.

Onondaga Cave State Park - It's a massive cave with guided tours. See stalagmites and underground caves and rivers. Way cool! (p.s. 100 miles outside of Missouri)


Missouri is the "Show Me State." This is our Motto. It means if you want to convince me of something…you got to show me.

The Missouri State fish is the channel catfish! Here we see a titanic sized example!

The State Rock is called Mozarkite. It comes from the Ozarks.

More State Facts

Missouri is known for healthcare and social services, retail, and manufacturing. The population of Missouri is roughly 60 million. It is ranked 18th by population among all the 50 states.

History of Missouri

Ice Cream Cone
The ice cream cone was invented at the St. Louis World's Fair. It all started in 1904 by a man named Ernest Hamwi. He had run out of paper cups and spoons and was now selling rolled up waffles and ice-cream. Woila, ice cream cones were born.

The Pony Express
Did you know that in the late 19th century it took 6 months for a letter to travel from Washington DC to California? The United States grew, and messages became very important. The country needed a fast way to send messages. As a result, they invented the pony express in April 1860. About 75 young men and 100 horses were hired to carry mail. Everything was organized in St. Joseph, Missouri. Today, you can visit the Patee House, which is a museum located in St. Joseph.

Native Americans of Missouri
Did you know that before the Europeans arrived, there were lots of native American tribes in Missouri. A couple of the tribes were the Osage in the southwest, the Missouri in the northwest, and the Illini in the east. Most of the tribes grew food such as corn, beans, and squash. They also hunted animal such as deer, buffalo, and beavers. They built homes made of earth and used teepees when they traveled on hunting trips. There are no longer any native Americans living in Missouri.

Fun Fact
President Harry S. Truman was born in Missouri

500-1500: A group of ancient people built large mounds of dirt, possibly to bury their dead
1764: City of St. Louis was built
1812: The state of Missouri's territory was formed
1821: Missouri became the 24th state
1826: Jefferson City became the capitol of Missouri
1857: Dread Scott decision
1865: End of slavery in Missouri
1945: Harry S. Truman becomes president
1965: St. Louis Arch is built