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Write now, many women are being auctioned at a low price such as 1 mina of silver. Come quick, they are getting sold fast! Come to 23rd Ishtar Lane. Tomorrow, there will be a sale and each woman will only cost half a mina of silver! There are limited offers so better come before we run out. Good news, we have just completed the Gate of Ishtar. It is a beautiful gate. it has a lot of color. It is the entrance of the city. We have a lot of trading going around. They traded raw material for clothes. We have many clothes at the local markets near you. Come down and get some.

Homes for Sale

Making a house into a home

We are selling many homes right now. There are many options to get. From 1000 square feet to 2000 square feet. There are many places to choose from like Sumer, Babylon, and Assyria. They range from 10 minas of gold to 50 minas of gold. Most houses we are selling in Babylon are built around an indoor courtyard and one door opens to the street. Privacy is there. The family room has branches off to the side of bedrooms. The houses we have for sale in Sumer are very close together they are not very ventilated because they don't have many widows. Many of them are two floors tall, the lower section is used for protection from the wether. Lastly in Assyria, most of the houses are across or around the ziggurat and are close together. They are made of sun dried brick, with a courtyard as the first floor.

Farming Right Now

Right now, we are growing many crops because it is growing season. We irrigate the land for the crops to grow plentiful. Sometimes, we have a surplus and we trade it. We never know when the rivers are going to flood. The crops are very fresh over here. We are located on 24rd Ziggurat Street Assyria. We grow many crops such as wheat, barley, dates, and cucumber. There are many more fresh crops that we grow. We will deliver right to your door. It costs 5 shekels of silver per pound of any crop. Come down and get some crops; they are running out fast!

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Hammurabi King of Babylon

Recently the king of babylon, Hammurabi, published a set of 282 laws. it will protect women from being taking advantage of by the men. It will also protect the weak from being taken advantage of by the strong. It is an equal punishment usually. For example, if one knocks out another person's teeth, his shall be knocked out also. This set of laws is written on a stele. Hammurabi ordered a scribe to write al of these laws down. Now, no one can cheat or be taken advantage of because of these great set of laws.

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Nebuchadnezzar II King of Babylon

Nebuchadnezzar is a Neo-Babylonian king. His wife, Amyitis, is from Babylon and she likes it but she thought that there isn't enough greenery. Nebuchadnezzar wants to make her happy so he thought of making The Hanging Gardens. The Hanging gardens is now 1 of the 7 wonders. The Hanging Gardens are a bunch of plants on multiple buildings. On one building, there are plants all around it. He is very considerate to his wife because he built all of this just for her.

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Gilgamesh King of Uruk

Gilgamesh is a very famous Sumerian King right now! An epic was just written about him. It is called The Epic of Gilgamesh. It is the first story written till today! Come down to your nearest library and pick a copy up. Gilgamesh is known for all his superpowers. He is considered half god and half human. He is so strong that he can lift a lion with one hand!

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Interview with Assyrian

So, what have you done today?

I have made some pottery and played some music with my friends.

What instrument do you play?

I play the violin.

What city-state did Assyria last conquer?

Assyria last conquered Babylon.

Do you like what Assyria does to people?

I think that it is way too violent the way that they seal with people.

Can you give us an example?

Sure, whenever we conquer a king, we tell him that he will live but we still kill him.

Thanks, for all the help you gave us.

No problem.


In Sumer right ow, there are many things going on. They have just come out with the wheel. They use the wheel for pottery and chariots. Chariots are horse-drawn carts used in war. They have also invented many more things such as glass, bricks, the arch, and writing. They invented writing in Cueniform. The homes for sale in Sumer are made out of reed. The Sumerians believe that they are divinely ordained humans.
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Women Right Now

Women have just gained many more rights in Babylon because of Hammurabi's Code. It has many laws that protected women. The women are free to go out to markets, buy and sell things. Now, they are also allowed to attend legal matters for absent men. High jobs in the social hierarchy such as priestess and members of royal families, might learn how to read and write because of their wealth. Every city-state has different rights for women. There were some city-states that had many rights for women and some that had less.

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