Housing in Singapore



Tiong Bahru is a very old estate. Most of the buildings were built as such as it is like shophouses. There are 30 apartment blocks. The flats feature rounded balconies, flat rooftops, spiral staircase, light wells and underground storage and shelters. The flats in the 1950s and 1960s are starkly utlliarian in appearance and design, where flats are almost identical in their two dimensional 'matchbox' style.

Singapore's housing in the present

There are many flats in SengKang as such that more and more EC ( Exclusive Condominium ) are built and the prices of ECs are affordable for some. SengKang is an estate that has many HDB flats and also ECs. The HDBs in SengKang are built high and further apart to such that there are many facilities like the playground for residents to gather together. The picture is a HDB flat in SengKang.
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Singapore's housing in the future

As we are moving on to future, more ideas on housing and buildings will be important in our life. As moving on to the future, technology will improve over the years. Years later, the houses will be more expensive. People might not like it if we change the neighbourhood as their memories were there. So the only choice would be to build higher buildings than now . Some might also have different thoughts, they may want to have a more modern facilities or housing type. But also we must consider about the elderly and children. We might create facilities which are suitable for elderly and also young children. With the reclaimed land we might have in the future, the government are able to build more house such as private house for the future generations.