Adventure times in Hungary

Hungary's History

  • Hungary was founded in 895 AD.
  • Important conflicts in Hungary was World War through the Communist Era.
  • The nation anthem is "Himnus".

Geography Of Hungary

  • Absolute Location : 47.4333 N , 19.2500 E
  • Hungary's relative location is positioned in both the Northern and Eastern Hemispheres.

Human Characteristics

Human Characteristics:
  • Population: 9,958,453
  • Political System: Parliamentary Democracy
  • Religion: Roman Catholic- 52.9%
  • Language Patterns: Hungarian : 93.6% Other: 6.4 %

Physical Characteristics

Climate : Temperature; Cold, Cloudy. Humid Winters; Warm Summers

Animal Life: Red Deer, Wild Boars, and Roebucks

Land Forms: 89,608 Sq Km

Bodies of Water: Danube, Tisza, Laja, and Zala

Living Conditions

  • In terms of employment 57% of people aged 15 to 64 in Hungary have a paid job.
  • Western standards apartments and other facilities are widely available.
  • Hungary's public school system is praised because most schools offer private foreign language at all levels.
  • Hungarians have a short distance from the capital and Budapest is one of largest inland in Europe.
  • Hungarians have flights to all the major European cities.

Issues Facing Teens in Hungary

  • Poverty: Hungary is developed country when the poverty rate is alarming especially for single parents and Large families caring disabled child.
  • Right to Education: Roman children particularly girls who are victims are getting harassment have limited access to education or leave school early.
  • Right to Health: Roman children have less access to care than other Hungarians children. The infants mortality rate is higher among children than the rest of Hungarian population.


  • War of Freedom ( March 15): is a national holiday that celebrates revolution and war of independence of 1848-1849.
  • Easter : Religious people attend church services and gather with their families in Easter Sunday and eat traditional food.
  • St. Nicholas Day (December 6) : On the night before of St. Nicholas Day Children shine their shoes and put them on the windowsills so St. Nicholas can leave candy and chocolate in them.
  • Christmas ( December 25-26) : The most important is Christmas Eve people spend the day decorating their Christmas trees and preparing dinner. Often children make these decorations as gifts for friends and family.
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Living Conditions

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