Ms. Mac's Memos

May 5th

Mission & Vision

Park Street Mission:

We Learn. We Grow. We Thrive.

Park Street Vision:

Our vision is to provide a collaborative foundation for successful learning and living through:

P- Positive Experiences

S- Supporting all students

E- Engaging with the community and creating

S- Students of excellence

Week at a Glance


  • iReady Reading and Math diagnostic begins
  • Admin Meeting


  • PLCs
  • Clerical Meeting


  • Principal's Meeting


  • Admin Meeting
  • SILT Meeting
  • Staff Meeting 4:00pm (agenda posted in Schoology)


  • Class placement information due
  • iReady Diagnostic ends

Weekly Meeting Schedule

Admin Meetings: Mondays & Thursdays at 1pm

SILT Meetings: Thursdays at 2:30pm

Clerical Meetings: Tuesdays at 10:00am

PLC Meetings: Tuesdays

  • Kindergarten- 11:00am
  • 1st grade- 1:00pm
  • 2nd grade- 3:00pm
  • 3rd grade- 9:00am
  • 4th grade- 12:00pm
  • 5th grade- 2:00pm
  • ID teachers- 11:30am

FYI...Mac's Memos will be sent Monday-Thursday


Frequently Used Links

Staff Shout out Link

Here is the link to add a staff shout out:

Zoom Live Lesson Form

We know you have started live lessons and we are excited to see all the amazing things you are doing. Use this hyperlink to access the document PS Live & Recorded Lessons. Log your live lesson(s) schedule. We know many of you store recorded lessons in different areas of your individual or grade level folders. Share where you store your recorded lessons. There is a tab for each HR teacher and additional tabs for ESOL, EIP, IRR, and Specialists.

The document has an “example” tab.

Example 1: If you teach the same subject the same day or days using a recurring Zoom link.

Example 2: If you teach subjects on the same day OR different day using a new Zoom link every time.

Example 3: Ms. Vogt completed her tab for this week.

The document allows administration and coaches one stop access to everyone’s lessons. We will add the link to Mac’s Memo so you may update the document as your lessons progress or as links change. Do not hesitate to ask any questions.

Summer School

We are still in need of about 10 more teachers for summer school. The pay is roughly $1200 (before tax). If you are interested, please sign up using the link below.

Only ONE more day for families for sign up for summer school. Please be sure to share and communicate with parents about the importance of summer school.

May Calendar

We have created a calendar of the events/due dates of items coming up this month. Please click the link to view the calendar:



Coaches Corner

Technology Tip: Apple Clips

Clips is an FREE iOS app (rated 4+) designed for making and sharing short-form videos with with text, effects, graphics, and more. You add content by recording it on the spot or grab a video clip or photo from your library. Live Titles let you easily create animated captions just by talking as you record using Siri speech to text conversion. You can choose from a variety of styles, all perfectly sequenced to the sound of your voice. This is a super fun and easy way to make videos! Look at my silly examples below!

A video made with pictures and video, added music and cover slide

Video with a word and comic book filter

Another video with a filter

Assistant Principals' Corner

Nothing for today.

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School Supplies Reminder

Just a reminder for your parents, School supplies kits are now available for purchase until July 6th. Please share with your parents.
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Staff Meeting

In preparation for our staff meeting on Thursday, teachers, please create an educator account on Stormboard. We will have a break-out session during our meeting and you will need access to the Stormboard website. Here is the link to the document we will need for our meeting:

Please DO NOT add anything until we review it during the meeting.

Incentives for participating in Summer Learning

We are trying to build and create incentives for students to participate in Summer Learning. Please share with your students that if they participate in Summer Learning each week, they have the opportunity to earn or participate in the things listed below. Students have to participate in all the lessons and assignments for that week to earn the prize.

  • Week 1: Special shout out via video by Principal McIntire
  • Week 2: Silly string Mr. Soto
  • Week 3: Ice Cream Party
  • Week 4: Prize drawing for a video game gift basket, an American Girl Doll basket, Play activity basket.
  • Week 5: Completion Celebration- Participate in a party in a party bus, bounce house, and Kona Ice.

Tomorrow is the LAST day for students to sign up for online learning this summer.

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Choice Board Tip from Ms. Watts

I wanted to share a reading choice board I created with various at-home activities that I think could work for all grades. I am sending the PDF version without the class code for Get Epic as well as a Word Doc version in case teachers would like to add their Get Epic class code like I did. (To do so, all they would need to do would be to click inside the text box where it says class code and change the code from my code to theirs!) I just wanted to share in case it would be helpful for anyone trying to reinvent the wheel!
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Teacher Appreciation Week

Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week and we want to celebrate all of your hard work and show how much we appreciate you!

      1. Monday- “Marvelous Teacher Monday”- enjoy a special delivery from us

      2. Tuesday- “TERRIFIC Superheroes”- You are our heroes! We will be sporting our best superhero gear in honor of YOU!

      3. Wednesday- "What an incredible teacher you are!" Celebrate with a free Zaxby's box lunch or salad. Place your order here. Orders are due by tomorrow at 9am.

      4. Thursday- "Thank you Thursday." Enjoy a special "note" of thanks from us.

      5. Friday- “Fun Friday”- enjoy a fun message from us

You can pick up your Zaxby's lunch order on Wednesday between 11-12:30 in front of Park Street.

You are our HEROES

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Student Pictures

Student pictures that were taking in the Spring arrived today. Starting tomorrow, Ivonne will begin labeling these to be mailed out to families. Please share this information with your families and ask them to please make sure their address is CORRECT in Aspen.

Message from Ms. Vogt

The marker count is in! I am proud to say that Park Street Staff members helped prevent 1,285 markers from going to landfills!! Thank you so much to everyone that participated and indulged me in this project!

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Staff Shout Outs... (please submit shout-outs by 3pm)

1. Elizabeth Martinez

Thank you so much for all those "Just One More Calls", we are all truly blessed to have you on our team.

2. Park Street Admin Team

Thank you so much for your appreciation. We are ALL-In for the kiddos!!