Catching Fire

May the odds be ever in your favor!!

Author: Suzanne Collins



Have you ever been in a horrible situation like Katniss Everdeen? Well, Katniss and Peeta won the Hunger Games together by Katniss's trick with the berries in the woods where the Hunger Games take place. They were in love with each other in the games but as they went on with their lives, the passionate love they shared for each other faded away!!! Katniss also had some feelings for Gale that she has been best friends for a long time. As the 75th Hunger Games approach, the rule this year is that the other victors that won in the past have to be in the games (one boy and one girl). Katniss gets picked and so does Haymitch, but Peeta volunteers. They have to go through the games all over again! Will they win again? Also, what's Katniss's mission this go around? Find out in Catching fire!!!

Point of view

The point of view is in first person. Katniss is the main character in this story telling it form her point of view. If it was Peeta or Gale telling the story then it would be a little different.


The theme of Catching Fire is having independence and loyalty.

Relating to my life

I can relate to this theme by when I go hunting with my cousins we are normally in a deer stand with one or two other people. If we shoot a deer then we would have to find the trail of blood by ourselves. It is hard to find a deer without an adult so we most of the time have an adult come with us. When we are looking for the deer it is just us and the wilderness and we don't know what could pop out!!! Also, once we find an get the deer we have to carry it back to the truck which is hard so I let the Adults do that part an I might help here and there. Hunting can sometimes take a lot of independence when it comes to all the things you have to do in order to actually get it to where you want it. Catching Fire's theme is very relatable for some people and I hope you enjoy the book!!!

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