2015 In Review

What 3 companies marketed themselves the best?

1.Under Armour, because they acquired Steph Curry, and other mainstream athletes that people look up to. Under Armour released new performance products that were widely popular. Also basketball players are excited to wear their products because Steph Curry has signed with the company, and turned Under Armour into a household name in basketball.

2.Geico, because they continued their Gecko campaign and were able to spread their message to all age groups. Because admit it, a talking Gecko is pretty funny to everyone. Their customer service is also known as one of the best in the insurance world.

3.Apple, because they continued to release new products that did well in the market, and had improved commercials that showed how great their products were.

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Best and Worst products of the year

Best: IPhone 6 series, PS4

Worst: Hoverboard

Top 2 movies of 2015

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the trailers were released very early, and new products such as video games, and action figures were available to purchase at most department stores. This got younger children excited, and adults were also inclined to go see the movie because this series was a big part of their childhood.

2. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation It didn't market itself very well, but mostly used the movie series name as a reason to go see the movie.

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2 best musical artists

1. Drake, he released two new albums "What a time to be alive", and "If you're reading this it's too late." Also he used the tension between himself and Meek Mill to springboard himself into stardom. Another factor that got him more popular was his social media, he used it to increase his popularity with different age groups.

2. Adele, she came back after not releasing an album for a few years and her song "Hello" reached number 1 on billboard's top 100 for 9 straight weeks. She used her struggles and breakups to connect with people that have shared similar experiences.

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Top 5 Performance Basketball Shoes Of 2015

5. Air Jordan XX Retro

4. Under Armour Curry One

3. Nike Zoom Soldier IX

2. Brand Black J Crossover 2

1. Jordan Mello M11


My New Year's resolution is to work harder and to get better at basketball. Especially at ball-handling.