By will volino

people of this time started to think for themselves

What was the change?

There was a lot of change during the renaissance era. First of all, people started to dabble in the arts and literature and be more creative. Also, the arts and literature became a big part of the european culture. This is important because it led to many problems and findings in the future. People also started to think for themselves. People of this time began to learn the human potential. This shows that, people could start questioning things that did not make too much sense. Overall, there were many changes during this time.
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The arts were a big part of this time period
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Who were the people associated with the change?

There were many important people associated with the change during this time period. A very important group of people called the Medici Family were very wealthy bankers. they were a really big financial supporters of the arts. This is significant because, the art and literature could not happen with out their donations. Another person who was associated with the change was a man named Erasmus. He wrote a book caled "The Prause of Folly". This book was written to criticize the church. This caused many people to loose their faith in the Catholic church. The renaissance man was a very important figure at the time. The renaissance man was considered to be the ideal person. Some of his characteristics were that he was educated, smart, he could dance, and write poetry. He was important because he pushed people to be "perfect". Another person associated with the change was Gutenberg. Gutenberg improved the printing press. By improving the printing press Gutwnberg made the Bible more accessible to common people. This is important because, it showed peope that the church was making up things that weren't in the Bible. In conclusion many people were asscoiated with the change.
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People started to lose faith in the church

How did the change impact society at the time?

The change had a large impact on the society at the time. First of all, the arts made people more creative and made them think in a different way. The art and literature also impacted the culture of the society by pulling out the creativity. This is important because it brought europeans to realize that somethings they were told by the church and government were not true. Europeans thinking for themselves made them realize statements the church made and things the church did were not right and actually went against the Bible. When people found out their potential they came up with many different scientifc discoveries. This shows that, many people started making their own religions and also makeing things right in the church. This is also important because, many of these discoveries are very important in today's society. In the end, the change had a large impact on their society.
people in the renaissance learned about their potential and now we have taken it to a new level

how is that change evidenced in today's modern society?

the change is evidenced in today's society in many ways. First, the way peope thought led to very important scientific theories. Also the way people created art and wrote literature led to how the English language is today and how people create thei art work. This is important because without the Engish language being like it is today many countries would not speak English. This also shows that, many inventions would not have been created at the time that they were. Our society still believes in some of the theories that were created 400-700 years ago. The way the people of the renaissance experimented with human potential showed our society how much we can push ourselves and accomplish things that seem impossible. Overall the change had a large impact on todays modern society.
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