Chineese School of Thought


Leaglism was first used in China in the Quin Dynasty. Hanfeizi, the creator of this iedealism, beleived that men were created evil, and they had to earn their goodness. In this school of thought strict laws were to be enforced with extremely harsh punishments. Forced labor was used in the Qin Dynasty to construct the majority of what would become the Great Wall of China.


Taoism was created by philosopher Laozi. The school of thought promoted the rejection of conflict, and to rather "give way-to yield like water." He was very minimalist, beleiving that you should live in harmony wityh nature. His political views were that the government shoudl be small and govern as little as possible because government was unnatural and that the less of it there was, the better. His works were writen down in the book "The Way of Virtue."


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Buddhism was, and still is today, one of the most prominent religions in Asia and the World. it was creaed by a Hindu Priest in India name Siddhartha Gautama. The religion was spread to China by Indian missionaries sent by King Asoka and trade throughout the silk road. His religion claimed that propper actions and word would lead to Nirvana.


Confucious was and is to this day one of the most influential pholosopher in the world. He wanted a complete reform of Chinese government, and wished for all government officials to pass exams to prove they understand certain principles. He also beleived that good leaders were virtuous ones that could lead by example