Old Town Star Staff News

November 23rd through December 11th

Our ROCK STAR of the WEEK is...

Name: Shannon Ridley

Current Gig: Office

Personal Life: I have a loving husband, daughter and son that mean the world to me. My other two children have four legs and a tail that make our home complete!
One word to describe yourself and why: One word is a little hard! I'm your typical friendly, caring person that is very organized. I am outgoing and love to work with others.

Most interesting job: Life Guard working the beaches in Cali! I met some interesting people on the beach. :)

Favorite hobbies away from school: I love to decorate! Anything crafty, gardening and outdoor activities. I love to spend time with my family and friends.

Favorite song: I have way too many favorite songs! I love all kinds of music such as country, rock, classical and especially Christmas music! :)

If I wasn't at Old Town, I'd...: I guess my biggest dream would be to own and operate a venue or bed and breakfast! If I wasn't doing that I could see myself back in the corporate world working within an HR group.

Dear Teachers....

Next Week...

Nov23 - Nov 27

Thanksgiving Break!

11/24 - Happy Birthday Juan Moreno & Manuela Duarte!

Monday, Nov 30

UIL Practices Today @3:00pm

Happy Birthday Vicki Brown!

Tuesday, Dec 1

Mya to Principal’s Mtg (AM)

Student Fall Picture Retake Day

Student Council Mtg 2:45pm

Environmental Art Club Mtg 3pm

Wednesday, Dec 2

Early Release Day 12:45pm

PD: Preparing for Hour of Code

Popcorn Day

Thursday, Dec 3

ARD Mtg (see separate schedule)

Disaster/Lock Down Drill 9:15am

Karate Community Ed class 3pm

SBAC Meeting 3:15pm in Library

Friday, Dec 4

CAT Mtg. 8am.

PTA Pies for OTE staff

SST’s 3-5th (behavior)

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Super Star Shout Outs!

GINORMOUS THANK YOU to our First Grade team for the delicious pie birthday social and to Emily Littleton, Dr. Jackson and the Science Vertical Team for helping us prepare for our first STEM Fair! Be sure to also THANK a PTA Member for your pie!

And a Special THANKS to Keri and Julie for another great Scholastic Book Fair!

Warm appreciations to Miss Barbara's team and team of volunteers for a really smooth Thanksgiving Lunch! Did you know we had well over 200 families join us for lunch?

Your hard work in delivering world class instruction and making a positive difference in the lives of our Star Texans each day is greatly appreciated by all in our learning community! During the Superintendent's Snapshot, it was so inspiring to see how much ownership our 4th grade students took in sharing their PBL projects! Some of the feedback received from our visitors included "your students were so impressive", "the students were so excited and energized in each classroom we visited!" and "it was great to see the students so focused with using the 4Cs."

Keep up the great work Old Town Staff!!!

Have an AWESOME Thanksgiving Break!!!

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The Week After....

Monday, Dec 7

2nd grade trip to Inner Space Cavern 9am

UIL Practices Today @3:00pm

Tuesday, Dec 8

Jessica’s to AP Mtg (AM)

Character Ed Awards Kg-2 7:45am

Student Council Mtg 2:45pm

TaG Testing Referrals Due

Wednesday, Dec 9

Mya to Lead4Ward Conference

Jessica’s to CPI Training

PTA’s Holiday Shop begins

PTA Staff Luncheon - fried chicken

Vertical Team Mtg 3:05pm

PTA Reflections 6:30 @ PAC

Thursday, Dec 10

ARD Mtg (see separate schedule)

Mya’s to Lead4Ward Conference

Character Ed Awards 3-5 7:45am

Half day planning 1st AM - 3rd & TaG PM

Karate Community Ed class 3pm

PTA Mtg & 5th grade Winter Choir Concert 6pm

Happy Birthday Trella Collier!

Friday, Dec 11

CAT Mtg. 8am.

Jessica’s to STAAR training (PM)

SST’s K-2 (Review current tier 2 students)

PTA’s Holiday Shop ends

The Nutcracker Performance 1st grade 1:15pm

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Old Town Elementary Vision & Mission

To highly engage ALL learners in a collaborative atmosphere of critical & creative thinking