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Dear Students, Faculty, and Parents,

We have finally made it to Spring Break! How are we already here! I hope everyone has a wonderful break! Just a few reminders listed below;

Don't forget to sign up to be a part of our Annual International Night! We currently have the following countries: France, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Morroco, Russia, Turkey, Jamaica, India, Finland, Haiti, Vietnam, Iran, United States, South Korea, and Thailand! To find out ways you can help or if you don't see a country that you would like represented, read further below on ways you can help out! International night will be on Sunday, April 28 from 4:00pm - 7:00pm. Make sure you sign up by April 1st!

Don't forget to order a yearbook! The deadline to customize pages is April 1st! The last day to order without customized pages is April 15th! To see the order code and more information, make sure to read below!

Lastly, don't forget to submit your video for the 4th Annual STEAM Video Contest. This will be a great project for all students in grades four and higher to work on during their Spring Break Holiday. Therefore, the submission deadline is Sunday, April 7, 2019.

Make sure to read through for important information so you don't miss a thing!

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To establish an educational framework designed to achieve the highest academic results and instill enduring strength of character by leveraging innovation and STEAM curriculums for college preparedness and lifelong student success.


Fulton Science Academy Private School envisions to be a nationally ranked and recognized school for pre-K through 12th grade, serving advanced and gifted student populations committed to academic success, civic responsibility, global citizenship, and high ethical values within a safe environment that celebrates diversity and is nurtured by the collaborative efforts of its stakeholders and the broader community.

With Warmest Regards,

Kenan Sener,


quote of the week

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Counseling Corner


Last week was the first week of our new program; Mustang Mentors! What is it? FSA is unique in the way that we are like one big family. Elementary student council members came up with the idea for a mentoring program to introduce younger students to upper grade students. This is a fun way for students of different grade levels to meet! It's fun to meet new people, especially if you find out you have a lot in common! The upper grade students can relate to the younger students about when they were in those grades and then give them tips for future grades.

"I love seeing the younger kids light up when they see their new friends and give them high fives in the hallway. It is just another way for them to feel comfortable and safe at school; they get to know each other and it increases their circle." - Mrs. Cantrell; Elementary School Counselor

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middle & High School counseling corner

The College Search Process: Where to Begin

How in the world do you begin planning for college? Well, the process begins NOW.

You want to start by assessing your options- where do you want to go to school?

You need to have at least 3 types of colleges: 1) Reach 2) Target and 3) Safety schools. The Reach schools are your more competitive schools, such as Ivy Leagues. The Target schools are the ones that your academic credentials fall within the average range. Safety schools are the ones you’re sure you’ll get into that you want as a backup plan.

When you’re logged into Naviance, scroll down on your dashboard until you see the Kaplan post. Kaplan and Naviance has teamed up to bring you LIVE instruction with interactive chats to explore some of the following areas: Social Emotional Learning, Interpersonal Skills, Academic Skills, Career Knowledge, College Knowledge, and Transition Skills. If you recognize an area you need some additional assistance and are struggling to coordinate a meeting with your counselor, here’s the next best thing.

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I love using Big Future by College Board to explore college options. It breaks it down by search options and may help you consider things you weren’t even thinking about before. For example, why does school size matter? Why does the location matter?

Back to Naviance-

If you go to Colleges -> Find your fit -> SuperMatch, you will find an awesome resource for narrowing down schools based on YOUR preferences.

As you’re finding colleges that look appealing to you, I recommend you save them to your Naviance portofolio under Colleges I’m Thinking About. This is not a quick nor easy decision, so start saving you choices to refer back to. As you do your research, your list will fluctuate.

**Side note, the school pays for you to use Naviance. While CollegeBoard is a free resource, Naviance is a resource we’re supplying just for our FSA kids.

“How can I visit all these colleges?” Well, maybe you don’t have to. In this age of technology, you can tour colleges virtually! Check out YouVisit College Tours to see what schools offer a virtual tour to start the process!

How to Get Into Harvard & the Ivy League

**cool article that may help how you look at the admissions process

April Calendar

APRIL 2019

Monday, April 1 - Friday, April 5: Spring Break (NO SCHOOL)

Wednesday, April 10: LIU Presentation, (2:40pm - 3:15pm)

Friday, April 12 - Sunday, April 14: San Francisco Trip (8th - 12th Graders)

Friday, April 12 - Elementary D.E.A.R. Day

Friday, April 12: 3rd Grade Market Day Event (7:55am - 9:30am)

Friday, April 12: Good Conduct Dress Down Day

Saturday, April 13: Invitational Turkish Language Competition

Saturday, April 13: AP Mock Exams

  • 8:00am AP Lit Mock AP Exam
  • 12:00pm AP Physics AP Mock Exam
  • 12:00pm AP Stat Mock AP Exam

Sunday, April 14: AP Mock Exams

  • 8:00am AP Calc AP Mock Exam

Monday, April 15: Tax Day

Tuesday, April 16: Middle School Field Trip - Shakespeare Tavern - A Midsummer Night's Dream

Wednesday, April 17: High School Professionalism Seminar, (2:30pm - 4:00pm)

Thursday, April 18: Elementary to Middle Transition Parent Meeting (Begins at 4:30pm)

Thursday, April 18: Dunwoody Nature Preserve - Plant Parts Program Field Trip (1st Grade)

Friday, April 19: Piedmont Park: Pond Ecosystems Program Field Trip (3rd Grade)

Saturday, April 20: AP Mock Exams

  • 8:00am AP Calc AP Mock Exam
  • 12:00pm AP Physics AP Mock Exam
  • 12:00pm AP Stat AP Mock Exam

Sunday, April 21: Easter Sunday

Monday, April 22: Earth Day

Monday, April 22 - Tuesday, April 23: Reading MAP Testing (K-8)

Wednesday, April 24: Math MAP Testing (1-5)

Thursday, April 25: Math MAP Testing (1-8)

Thursday, April 25: Atlanta Botanical Gardens Field Trip (Kindergarten)

Thursday, April 25: Red Cross Presentation for High School (2:40pm - 3:15pm)

Friday, April 26: Math MAP Testing (6-8)

Friday, April 26: Earth Day Balloon (PreK - 5)

Friday, April 26: Etowah Indian Mounds Field Trip (2nd Grade)

Friday, April 26 - Sunday, April 28: Washington DC Trip (5 - 7)

Saturday, April 27 - Sunday, April 28: NSF Contest

Saturday, April 27: AP Mock Exams

  • 8:00am AP Chem AP Mock Exam
  • 8:00am AP Lang AP Mock Exam
  • 12:00pm AP Bio AP Mock Exam
  • 12:00pm AP Physics AP Mock Exam

Sunday, April 28: International Night (4:00pm - 7:00pm)

Sunday, April 28: Autism Speaks Walk - Atlanta (details to come)

Monday, April 29 - Tuesday, April 30: Science MAP Testing (3-8)

Monday, April 29 - Tuesday, April 30: Math MAP Testing (Kindergarten)

Tuesday, April 30: Professional Speaker Series Presents; Robert Hiller


Parents, you may use this link as a quick reference to your student's bell schedule.


Parents, please remember that 1st Period for Elementary Students begins at 7:40am and 1st Period for Middle and High School Students begins at 8:00am. Students should be IN CLASS by these times.

NJHS & NHS Induction Ceremony

On Monday, March 25th new members of the National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society were inducted to be part of the oldest, largest and most prestigious student recognition program. Mrs. Lisa Shippel, current Board Chair of the Alpharetta Chamber of Commerce was the speaker of the ceremony, leaving valuable life lessons to the new members. Students are role models for other students due to their strong academic records and participation in many other student leadership organizations.
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Spring Break Prize Raffle for Teachers!

To end the week, we had a raffle for our wonderful teachers to win some fun prizes! Students got to pick the numbers! At the beginning of the day, teachers were given lei's with numbers on them! If their number was drawn, they got to pick a prize! 13 winners in total received a raffle prize!

Lost & Found Reminder

Students and Parents,

Since Spring Break is this coming week, we will hold off on donating items until the end of the week that we return from Spring Break.

FSA's Lost & Found is located in the back right corner of the cafeteria. There are many unclaimed items here in our Lost & Found. On the first of each month we will be donating all unclaimed items to goodwill or a charity, on the behalf of the school. Things seem to be accumulating without people missing or searching for them. We'd rather see them go to a place where people would actually need them.

Please note that items with student names on them have been separated and will not be donated, but if you believe that your child is missing an item, please have them thoroughly check our Lost & Found. Again, in 2 weeks, all unclaimed items without names WILL be donated.

Don't Forget to Order Your Yearbook! Page customization order deadline is April 1st! Regular deadline is April 15th!


Go to www.treering.com/validate

Enter your school's passcode: 1013541294622699

Regular Price: $29.50

Page Customization Deadline: April 1

Regular Order Deadline (without customization): April 15

When it comes to making and recording memories here at FSA what better way to do that than in a yearbook. Mustangs there’s still time to purchase your annual yearbook. If you reserve before April 1 you can also customize up to two pages with your own photos and story. There is no additional cost for these pages and they will be unique to your book. So don’t delay … go online to TreeRing.com/validate and enter the school’s passcode.

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FSA Golf and Tennis Take the Victory Again!

Our Middle School Girls and Boys Tennis Teams continued their dominate on the courts yesterday by picking up 5-0 and 5-0 victories over Atlanta Jewish. Both of our tennis teams remain a perfect 6-0 on the season! The Championship will be on 4/22 in Rome, GA.

Our Middle School Girls and Boys Golf team picked up victories over Whitefield Academy at the Legacy Golf course in Smyrna. We also recently had our first Middle School girls golf event. Most recently, our Middle School golf team Golf won 86-79 over Desana MS yesterday at River Pines. Our next match will be Thursday 4/28 Vs. Perimeter School, followed by the MS Golf Championship on 4/9 at Cotton Fields Golf Course in McDonough.

Our Middle School soccer teams took on Fellowship yesterday. Our teams fought hard but fell 2-0 in the effort. We are continuing to work and improve daily. The next match will be 4/9 Vs Cherokee, so be sure to come out and support the teams!

FSA sports banquet coming soon

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FSA High School Student Council Presents MARIO Kart & Game Night TONIGHT!!!

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Who’s Got Game?

If you love to race a Mario kart, or compare apples to apples or simply love to roll the dice.. then this is for you!

FSA Student Council is hosting the Mario Kart and Game Night for Middle and High School Students and Teachers on Friday, March 29 at 5:00 pm.

It’s going to be a super fun night with video games like MarioKart and Smash and the all time favorite board and card games like Apples to Apples and trivia. Pizza, popcorn, and candies will be available for purchase.

Admission fee is only $3 to support the High School Student council.

So, Let the Games Begin!!

You got to be In It to Win It!!

Mustang Soccer Association (MSA) Presents their service project!

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The Mustang Soccer Association (MSA) showed FSA High School Students what went into their project besides just selling chicken biscuits! The team explained how they had to outline a proposal, network with Chik-Fil-A representatives, and put some serious work into bringing the school chicken biscuits on Fridays! Overall they said they had to be very flexible because their original ideas did not pan out and they learned hard lessons like having to advertise in order to raise sales and everything that goes into marketing a project like this. Their successful service project was rewarded with a giant check and World Cup soccer balls! The MSA successfully raised $964.99!

This experience presented them a successful service project that helped build on their leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

The FSA Mustang Soccer Association is made up by Taemin K. (10th), Saahil M. (9th), and Akshay M. (9th).

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Ms. Campfield's 5th grade class had a great guest speaker today!

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5th grade had a special guest speaker today! Ms. Campfield's uncle grew up during the Vietnam War and escaped the country as a refugee when he was 7 years old. He was able to come in today to tell students about his experience and help them make connections with what Ms. Campfield's class learned about the Vietnam War last week!

The Mustang News Team and FSA Media Students meet with videographer

Local videographer Patrick Thomas took some time off from his own production schedule to talk to a combined group of MNT members and the High School Media/Video class, since not all MNT members are media students. Thomas spoke with them specifically on the importance of b-roll (the video/visual that supports the audio you are hearing) in any video no matter how short it is. He also pointed out that in shooting news tup production that the “money” shot is a a close up of the anchors, that while it may seem strange to go in so close, it allows audience can connect with them. After viewing several of the MNT productions and seeing their progress he had high praise for the team. While a lot of what he went over was review for most of the students, his time with them reinforced the importance of the message, the camera shot and the audience.

Middle and High School Commendation Point Ice Cream Social!

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5th Grade Shark Tank Investment Presentations!

Students took on a shark tank style presentation by asking the "investors" to fund a project for a technology they believe should be further developed! Students presented what their goals were for the technology and what they plan to accomplish with the technology. Students were also asked to give examples of how funding may change or enhance their technology as well as looking at how their technology would not only benefit them personally, but how it would benefit the school and the world as a whole!

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We've got an investor!

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Would you like to be a part of the Mustang News Team?

Mustang News is starting early to add the team for the next academic year. If you are a returning rising 9th and 10th grader, and want to be part of the team, here's your chance. You will need to turn in a completed application with two teacher recommendations. You can pick up applications from the front desk.

The deadline to apply is April 16th. Once your application has been accepted you will be scheduled via email for an interview with the team leads. The goal is to have new members start shadowing the current team and learning the ropes so that they can hit the ground running in the Fall.

Questions: email fsanews@fultonscienceacademy.org with the subject MNT application. Don''t wait, get your application in early as there are limited spots available.

Completed applications can be picked up & turned into the front desk.

D.E.A.R. Day at FSA is swiftly approaching

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Our elementary students will be celebrating National D.E.A.R. Day on Friday, April 12th. On this day, our elementary teachers will use this as an opportunity to highlight the importance of reading for enjoyment with our FSA students. Students will work to earn their own D.E.A.R. certificates by completing and logging a minimum of 60 minutes of reading during this day through a variety of reading activities. Students will have time for enjoyable independent reading time, classroom read alouds and activities, special guest readers, etc.

Since reading for enjoyment is often times affiliated with reading before bedtime, our elementary students are allowed to wear school appropriate pajamas to be able to read comfortably around their classroom during D.E.A.R. time!

Elementary to Middle School Transition Meeting for Students & Parents

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Senior Letters!

Within the school, we will offer students the chance to write their seniors a parting Senior Letter.

This opportunity is not exclusive to students and faculty as we want to extend this to outside individuals as well. Seniors letters will be distributed to the students in May before graduation.

Ms. Agha will have envelopes to place your letter if you need one.

To send a letter for your senior, you can give it to Ms. Agha or mail it to:

[Senior Name] - Senior Letter

3035 Fanfare Way

Alpharetta, GA 30009

International Night Updates You Should Know!

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FSA’s annual International Night will be held on Sunday, April 28, 2019 from 4-7pm! We take pride in the cultural diversity represented in our school, and our International Night is a great way to share and celebrate our various cultural traditions. As of now, we have Turkey, India, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Morocco, Jamaica, Finland, Haiti, Russia, France, Vietnam, Iran, United States, South Korea, and Thailand. WE NEED YOUR HELP TO MAKE THIS EVENT SUCCESSFUL!

There are several ways that you can help and engage this year.

  1. Manage a booth for a specific country or region of a country showcasing the heritage
  2. Bring food and/or items for a specific country
  3. Perform a talent representative of a country whether it is a dance, song, poem, or playing an instrument
  4. General event volunteer-set up, clean up, manning passport and immigration booths

Please visit http://www.bit.ly/fsaintlnight2019 - International Night Google Form Sign-up to let us know how you would like to participate by April 1, 2019.

Once we receive your google form response, we will reach out to you with additional details. Please contact Kavitha Joseph at fsaintlnight@gmail.com with any questions.


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Dear Students, Faculty, and Parents,

We are pleased to announce FSA's 4th Annual S.T.E..A.M. Video Contest.

EXCITING TIMES! Once again, we will have a Red Carpets Award Show on Tuesday, April 16, 2019 at 1:45pm with fun activities and surprises to celebrate our student's skills in different areas of movie making.




This year we will once again invite video entries with a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) theme. This broad concept allows students to create their video on a topic that they like. Participants can do anything from exploring a science or math theory/concept to something more charitable in nature that discusses a community need and how it can be addressed. You name it! There is a wide spectrum of opportunities under the umbrella of S.T.E.A.M.


Feel free to use any video editing software and upload your finished video to YouTube. Suggested duration of the video is 3 to 5 minutes. Please only use materials recorded by you.


This will be a great project for all students in grades four and higher to work on during their Spring Break Holiday. Therefore, the submission deadline is Sunday, April 7, 2019.


Students will be competing in two different levels as follows:

Middle School Level

High School Level


1st Place - $150

2nd Place - $100

3rd Place - $50


Student’s Choice


Tuesday, April 16 at 1:45 PM.


Please CLICK HERE to submit your Youtube video link.

Any questions, you might have, please send an e-mail to rmaharaj@fultonscienceacademy.org

Enjoy your time preparing your videos.


2019 - 2020 school year calendar

Please note that we have published our 2019 - 2020 Calendar on our School Website as well if you would like to print it.

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FSA Sideline Store

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The site allows the user to select the item, color, logo, and team whether it be academic or athletic; even different sayings! The possibilities are endless! There is everything from cotton shirts to Dri-Fit Nike or UA workout shirts and so much more!




FSAPS Tuition Information: http://fultonscienceacademy.org/tuition-information/

Smart Tuition is the tuition management system used by FSA. In addition to tuition, all incidental billing such as aftercare fees, sports and academic team fees, trips, etc., is also done through Smart Tuition. There is a $50 yearly fee for Smart Tuition.

If you have not set up your account or are having trouble setting up your account, please contact our Business Administrator Abdurrahim Kurt by phone or email.

Phone: (678) 366 - 2555 ext. 105

Email: akurt@fultonscienceacademy.org

Home Visits; A Great Activity for Your Student, No Matter Their Grade Level!

Home visits are a casual way for your child to spend time with his/her teacher in the comfort of their home. Teachers enjoy having a chance to see children in this comfortable environment, doing whatever makes them most happy and spend time with children and their parents outside of a regular school day.

Here is some feedback from our parents:

  • “Early in the school year, a group of teachers took the time to come to our home to meet us and discuss the school program with us. That event brought us back to the time in which schooling was a true partnership between parent and teacher and reaffirmed in our minds that FSA truly cares about the development of our children”
  • “We even had two teachers visit us at our home. They were a pleasure to meet and we could clearly see how much they enjoy teaching students.”
  • “Thank you very much for your visit and the chocolates yesterday. We enjoyed having you over very much. I also want to thank you for turning math from the most complicated and somewhat scary subject into one of our most favorites.”
  • “We all enjoyed your visit last night to our home. It was such a pleasure to informally get to know both of you. My son thought it was really cool that two teachers came to his house. He talked about it the whole way to school this morning in carpool. Personally, I admire the dedication you both have for your jobs. It makes a big difference in a student’s attitude toward school. Your visit left no doubt in my mind that FSA was the right decision for my son.”
  • “I just wanted to write on behalf of my husband and I and thank you for visiting our child. He loved having you both come and visit. We appreciate the level of caring and attention that you have consistently shown our family. It is rare to see such a dedication from teachers for their jobs. We can tell that you love teaching and you care for our children. Thank you for visiting our child when he was not feeling well.”

How can I schedule a home visit?

Very simple.

To schedule an elementary school home visit: Simply email junal@fultonscienceacademy.org with some suggested dates/times, as well as your students' name(s) and homeroom assignments. Ms. Unal will be in touch to confirm final details.

To schedule a middle or high school school home visit: Simply email sduman@fultonscienceacademy.org with some suggested dates/times, as well as your students' name(s) and homeroom assignments. Mr. Duman will be in touch to confirm final details.

Depending on our teacher’s availability, at least two teachers will be together to visit our students and parents at their homes. The best times to schedule a home visit are weekdays after 5:00 pm, and anytime during the weekends, except Sunday mornings. For any questions you have about this program, send an e-mail to homevisit@fultonscienceacademy.org

Attendance Matters!

Please remember that

Middle and High School Students have College Guidance and Enrichment

from 2:40pm - 3:15pm.

It is very important that students do not miss this time of their school day.

Parents and High School Students, please remember that first dismissal for High School Students is not until 3:15. High School students should not walk out of the building for dismissal until 3:15pm.

If your child will be absent please send an email to attendance@fultonscienceacademy.org

on the morning of the absence.

For full attendance policies please see the student handbook.

School Medicine Policy 2018 - 2019 (Includes FAQ)


Aspirin, Tylenol, Neosporin, and other patient over-the-counter drugs are not available through FSAPS. Should you wish for your child to have access to these medications, you must sign an
‘Authorization to Administer Medication Form’ and leave a supply with the front office.


The medication to be administered by designated school personnel must be sent directly from the pharmacy or physician’s office or brought to school by the student’s parent/guardian. The school must receive an ‘Authorization to Administer Medication Form’ signed by the student’s physician and/or parent/guardian.

The following information must be printed clearly on the medication container:

  • Student’s Name

  • Name of the medication

  • Dosage

  • Time the medication must be taken.

    Bring in only the amount of medication that is needed for a school day. In the case of prolonged need, send in the amount for a clearly specified period. Written authorization to dispense medications shall be limited to two weeks unless otherwise prescribed by a physician. Medication shall only be dispensed out of its original container, which must be labeled with the child’s name. Extra medication will not be sent home with a student. All medication will be kept in a secure location in the clinic and/or front office.

Parents, please remind your students that if they are feeling unwell that they need to first visit the clinic and be assessed by our school nurse, who will then call you in the event that the student should go home. Students should not use their phones during the school day to contact parents.


  • Does the school provide medications?

No. The school does not provide medication. The student's parent or guardian must bring the student's medicine to the front office or school clinic, along with an "Authorization to Give Medication" Form.

  • May the parent/guardian bring and give medications to their student?

Yes, a parent/guardian may come to school and give their child medication. Parents should still follow the visitor sign in procedures.

  • Where can I find Authorization Forms?

Authorization forms can be found at the front desk or school clinic.

  • Why do I need a doctor's health care provider's note for adult strength over-the-counter medication when my health care provider has told me it is appropriate for my student's weight (or condition)?

The school nurse wants to protect your child and must follow guidelines for dosage recommended by the manufacturer.

  • How do students get their medications during after school hours?

The principal, along with administration and the school nurse will determine by whom and how medication will be secured and administered during after school hours.

  • Why do medications have to be in the original container?

The original container provides information from the manufacturer about over-the-counter medications, including the name of the medication, the proper dose, how the medication should be given, how often the medication should be given, possible side effects, and when the medication is no longer effective (an expiration date.)

The original prescription container includes the name of the medication, the patient's name, the prescribing licensed health care provider, the proper dose, how and when it should be given, when the medication expires, and the pharmacy where the medication was purchased. All of this information is necessary for the school nurse to administer medication in a safe manner.

  • What if my child's medication or dosage changes?

Parents/Guardians must inform the school nurse of any medication changes. New medication or different doses will not be given unless the parent completes a new medication form. The information on the prescription bottle label must match the new consent form.

  • Can my child take herbal medication at school?

No. Over-the-counter diet pills, vitamins, dietary supplements, including minerals or herbs will not be given.

  • May my child carry cough drops at school?

No. Cough-drops must be left in the clinic along with a completed "Authorization to Give Medication at School" Form.

  • May my child carry over the counter medication at school?

No. It must be left in the clinic along with and "Authorization to Give Medication at School" Form.

  • Can my child carry his/her Epipen, Insulin, or Asthma Inhaler at school?

Yes, students may carry inhalers and Epipens or insulin with a completed "Authorization to Carry Prescription Medication" Form. You can get this form from the school nurse.

  • Why is there a place for the health care provider to sign the authorization form for my child to carry their inhaler/epipen at school?

The health care provider's signature indicates that your child has been instructed on the proper use of their inhaler/Epipen and that your child is responsible for administering it to himself/herself without supervision.

  • Why do I have to have a prescription label on the inhaler/Epipen?

The prescription on the inhaler/epipen includes the child's name, how often it is to be used, and what dose is appropriate for your child. It is difficult to keep the label directly on the inhaler/epipen.

  • If I give my child Tylenol for a fever, can I still send them to school?

If the fever is more than 100.9 degrees F before you give them Tylenol, then your child cannot come to school. Your child may return to school when his/her temperature is below 101 degrees F without Tylenol or any other fever reducing medication for 24 hours, if s/he feels well and is not showing signs of illness.

  • If I give my child Tylenol for aches and pains can I still send them to school?

You child is welcome at school while taking Tylenol or any other over-the-counter medication for an injury, dental work, etc. However, if the medication is for a sore throat, earache or flu like symptoms, please keep them at home.

  • Why can't I put medicine in my child's lunch box if he/she has to take medicine at lunch?

Medication in a lunch box could be lost or taken by another child. If a staff member found the medication it could be considered an illegal drug with consequences according to the Code of Conduct. Medications must be brought to the front office or school clinic by parents/guardians in the original and properly labeled container.

  • If I treat my child for lice can I send them back to school the same day?
Yes. Please bring your child free of live lice back to the school nurse to be rechecked.
  • Why do I have to bring in a box top to verify lice treatment?
A box top from the product provides the School Nurse with the treatment type that was used and confirms that treatment was provided for the child since a prescription is not necessary.
  • How much time do I have to get to the school if the nurse calls me to pick up my child because he/she is sick?
You, or a person you designate, should arrive within one hour of being called. Most school clinics have an area where your child can rest for a short period of time. If your child has a fever of 104 degrees F or higher, you, or a person you designate must arrive as soon as possible.
  • How long will my child's over-the-counter medication be given at school?
Over-the-counter medication may be given with the parent/guardian permission as needed throughout the school year. A health care provider's note is required for over-the-counter medication that is given for more than 10 consecutive school days.
  • What happens to my child's medication at the end of the school year?
All medications not picked up by parents/guardians by the last day of school will be destroyed.
  • May my child share over-the-counter medication with another student?
No. Students may not share any medication, whether over-the-counter or prescription. Doing so could be a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and could also result in the student losing his/her privilege of carrying medication on his/her person.
  • Why should my child take the first dose of new medication at home?
We want your student back to school as soon as possible after an illness, diagnosis, or medication change. It is for the safety of your student that you observe him/her for any unsuspected reactions to a new medication and report it to the prescribing licensed health care provider.

aftercare hours reminder

Parents, please be reminded that After - School Care is provided every day from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm for a fee of $15.00 per day or $200.00 for the month. We ask that parents pick up any remaining students by 6:00 pm, and no later, as the school closes at 6:00pm. Sometimes our Academic Teams will stay later, but these students are not considered to be in After-Care. There are also sometimes outside organizations that use our facility for sports events, so it may look like there are still plenty of people here, but these more often than not, do not include aftercare students. Thank you for your understanding.

FSAConnect mobile App

Dear Parents,

We are happy to inform you that now you can check fsaconnect by mobile app.

Here is how you can access the app:

ITunes App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/radix-mobile/id1159005166?mt=8

Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.radix.radixmobile

The links can also be found at the bottom of your connect page by the other social media links.

Big picture

A pop-up banner will appear on top of the screen when users access the school connect on their mobile devices.

Site link: https://fsaconnect.fultonscienceacademy.org

Username: fsaconnect username

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JOIN FSAPS REMIND HERE: https://www.remind.com/join/fsaps

We have created a remind account to keep our community informed and up-to-date with what is happening at our school.

By joining "FSAPS remind," you will receive messages via push notifications, SMS, or e-mail. We recommend SMS option for our families and students.

We will use this tool as an addition to other communication portals we use at our school to keep our families apprised of what's happening at Fulton Science Academy. Thank you.

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Please connect with us online and grow our social media following!

FSA is proud to be building a strong social media presence and we encourage you to follow us using one or more of the following links:



If you subscribe to our YouTube channel, you will receive notifications whenever we upload a new video.



Many of you already follow our Facebook page. If you are not yet connected, please “Like" our Facebook page.



We post lots of pictures on our Instagram account. You will enjoy seeing new pictures every day.



So many of you have LinkedIn accounts. To get news about our school on LinkedIn, simply follow our schools’s LinkedIn page.



Twitter is a great way to get updated about school. Simply follow our school on Twitter to get recent tweets from our school.

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