What is fashion journalist?

Is an umbrella term for people who work in published fashion media:

  • fashion writers
  • fashion critics
  • fashion reporters
There work can be published in various forms such as; features in magazines, newspapers, books about fashion, fashion related reports on TV and online fashion
  • Fashion journalist are responsible for preparing articles, commentaries or critiques relating to developments in the fashion industry.
  • They must must first gather information about the topic they wish to cover. This involves performing independent research, attending fashion shows, and arranging and conducting interviews with professionals in the fashion industry, such as designers, photographers, models and public relations representatives.

Education Qualification

If pursuing a career in fashion journalism you can major in any of the bachelor degree following:

  • Clothing, textiles and material culture
  • Human Ecology
  • Journalism
Many employers expect you to have a degree in fashion Journalism or Journalism. if you don't have a degree, employers may still give a shot if you have an impressive portfolio

Salary Range

  • Editors with a bachelor's degree in the field have an annual average salary of $51,500.
  • According to Service Canada, the average salary level of Canadian workers in the Journalists occupational group is $56,481 per year

Future Trends

Most are competing for the same projects so there is a lot of completion even though the industry is expected to grow.

Because of the rise of online blogs, it has created threats in the fashion journalism industry

as of 2015 there has been a rise in writing jobs

Overall this industry is very competitive and allows a select few in at a time

Interests and skills required

Gathering and communicating information- you must have the skill of investigation, interviewing and writing skills. as well as the ability to use writing software

Thorough industry knowledge- they must educate themselves on current trends and designers, as well as the history of trends and designers

Networking skills- the ability to network is a very important aspect of being a fashion journalist

analytic ability- it's important for fashion journalist to have a critical mind and a creative thinker. they must be able to analyze information


  • a lot of travel involved to cover all the fashion events happening all over the world.
  • there is the opportunity to work with established members of the fashion industry including models, editors, designers etc.
  • Another perk of being a fashion journalist is the fame

Working conditions

  • Long irregular hours
  • you are never able to leave your work at work- often times you are called in to cover a unexpected development
required to work when others are not:
  • at night
  • on weekends
  • public holidays
The environment:
  • Journalists work in offices, as well as television studios.They often travel to cover stories and interview people. They may spend long periods of time on the road if covering a particular event or an ongoing news story
  • They often need to meet tight deadlines.

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