Vanessa Bello and Jazmarie Rojas

Terrorism Chapter 10: what terrorium feels like

Malala's POV about terrorism

Malala's point of view is about terrorism that it a bad thing to happen. That no one is safe walking in the street without know what going to happen to you. If you going to die tomorrow or the next or the next day after.

Jazmarie and I point of view of terrorism

Jazmarie and I point of view is that no one should fear in there place there are living.People shouldn't fear to walk on the street because they don't want to die or a boom pop by them and get hurt. Or seeing no one playing on there street because they don't want to die.No one should live like this. I feel that girls should have education not only a boy. This effects us because we are girl we went to learn to go to college pass college and be successful in life have a job to survive our life to have a better life for our kids when we grow up.
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