Secondary Storage

By Rakin Chowdhury

There Are 3 Types of secondary stoarage




There are 4 things to look at when you are picking which type is best for you:






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Optical storage.

CDs and DVDs are types of optical storage.

Optical storage uses light light to recive imformation, so naurally it is call optical storage.

Cds can store 700 mb

DVD can store 7-16 GB

Cds and DVDs are very cheap.

CDs have a ascess sped of 7 mb/s

DVDs have a acsess speed 16 mb/s

They both can last 7-15 years.

Flash storage

Iternal Flash storage, USB sticks and Memoet cards are all types of flash Storage devises.

KEY = internal U= USB C = CARD

Cost: Internal - 128GB=£120 USB - 32GB = £45 Card-32GB=£25

Capacity IN-256GB U-64GB C-128GB

Speed: IN = 6GB/s U- 480MB/s C-?

Prortability: IN- N/A U-Very Small C- Very small

Durability: IN-very durabile U- very durable C-not very durable

Magnectic storage

Internal harddisks, Portable Harddisks and, magnetic are all types of magnectic storage.

KEY = Harddisks- H Protable = P Tape = T/M

Cost: H & P= Very cheap 1TB = £90 T- 72GB = £10

Capacity: all up to 1TB

Speed: H-3GB/s P- 480MB/s M = VERY slow

Prortability: H- N/A P- Can fit in large pocket M- can be compact.

Durability: H&P- Extramly Durable T- Very Reliable if not damaged