Sydney Rogers

By: Sydney Maureen Rogers

About Me

Hi, I’m Sydney. My favorite is color blue. I’m a girl and people often misjudge me and make fun of me. My mom says it’s because they are jealous of me or find me as a threat, but I just want to be friends and get along. I have short blonde hair and I love playing all kinds of sports but my favorite is either football or volleyball. I've played soccer, football, volleyball, tennis, swim, basketball, etc. I love animals too. I have had so many pets in my lifetime but unfortunately they can’t live forever. I presently have 2 Siberian Huskies named Nitro and Cherokee. They are brothers and their mom and dad are so pretty. I also have a Crested Gecko named Dr.Pepper. I love my friends, family, and soon to be family so much, they are really nice. There is probably a lot about me I’m leaving out but this is it until next time. Good bye!