Gifted Hands

BEN carson's memoir


This type of writing has a special flare to it that sets it apart from other types. Memoirs focus on a short period of time in the author's life. They are nonfiction books that include figurative language like hyperboles, similes, and metaphors to express his or hers little time in their life. Memoirs are used to tell a time of importance that reflects what the author experienced. Because Gifted Hands follows these characteristics, it is categorized as a Memoir.

specific time period

In Ben Carson's Gifted Hands, the reader experiences some gloomy year long patches of his life. He walks us through his father leaving his family when he was very young, cruel racism throughout his middle school and high school years, and a major struggle with his education. Along with his fight through Yale University and the University of Michigan Health System. Although he had many struggles, he did some outstanding things in his teen years with help from his encouraging mother. He describes all of his hard work, faith and patience he provides to gain what he wants most.

memoir structure

figuritive langauge in memoirs

Memoirs, like Gifted Hands, are full of imagery and figurative language. For example, in the first chapter, "goodbye daddy," young Ben is completely destroyed to hear his mother tell him his father wouldn't live with them anymore. As he describes on pg 11, Bennie felt responsible and was crying in his mothers embrace, attacking her with questions. This provides an image that helps the reader understand, or possibly relate, to his pain towards his dad leaving.

author's feelings and expirience

Memoirs share what the author is feeling or experiencing at the time. An example of this is when Bennie was being humiliated for not getting any right answers on a math test. He hated being laughed at for something he worked to complete, and felt like the dumbest kid on earth. Desperately wanting not to be teased, Bennie's run ins with embarrassment started a fire in him to do better, so he wouldn't be teased.