Mrs. Rish's Class Skills Agenda

October 14

Language Arts

We will begin our study of Pourquoi Tales. We will focus on The Great Ball Game. This story can be found online through the Think Central website. It is a Harcourt story.

Pourquoi tales, from the French word for why, are a genre of traditional literature. These folktales from around the world explain how natural phenomena came to be.

Students will learn about singular and plural nouns.

I Can Statements for Language Arts

I CAN tell the difference between singular and plural nouns.

I CAN use books and the internet to research why an animal lives in a habitat.

I CAN recount a pourqoui tale and tell how the animal got a certain characteristic to help them in their habitat.

Spelling Words

rope, broke, open, nose, stone, use, cute, cube, over, fume, useful, notebook, spoken, broken, human

I CAN read and write words with long o and long u.

Vocabulary Words

feud, superior, refuse, insult, ached, clumsy, clambered, clutched

Please make sure that you and your child use the vocabulary words each week. Students should be able to understand the word when used in a sentence. The vocabulary tests are read aloud to the students each week.

I CAN learn and use new words.


We will learn about the diversity of living things. We will examine habitats and ecosystems.

Plastic animal collections are welcome to visit the classroom. (I would also welcome any donations of plastic animals for the study of animal diversity.) Please make sure that they are labeled.

We will be designing a zoo habitat and selecting the animals that will inhabit the enclosure.

I CAN gather information from literature and other media to illustrate that there are many different kinds of living things in different places on land and water.


We will begin a very important unit on place value. This is the foundation of our second grade math topics.

Upcoming Events

  • October 15 - Rock-a-thon, Silent Auction, and FUN!
  • October 20 - Field Trip to Children's Theatre
  • October 31 - Organism Dress Up Day
  • November 1 - Reading Calendar Due

Organism Dress Up Day

We will be dressing up on Halloween this year at Cahaba Elementary School. Our class is currently researching different organisms. Please dress as a plant or animal. This does not have to be a complex costume. Students will also be asked to fill out a small report on the organism that they choose to portray.

There are many ideas on the internet for costumes that can be made with shirts. If you are looking for easy ideas - You can be a tree and attach leaves to a shirt. You can wear camo and be an oak tree. You can wear a headband with ears. Enjoy!


Please study spelling and vocabulary words. There will be a vocabulary and spelling test on Friday.

Trussville City Schools has recommended that each student complete between 45 minutes and one hour per week of Dream Box. Please, DO NOT assist your child with Dream Box activities. They should work on their own. The computer adaptive program will not work appropriately if they receive assistance.

Read daily. Raz-Kids may also be used for reading time. The reading calendar will be due on October 1st.

Yearbook Photos

· Don’t forget to submit photos for our yearbook at or

· Use the HueShare app. Enter school code CAHABA2016 (case sensitive.)


Please make sure that your child has a set of headphones or earbuds. These are available at the Dollar Tree.

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