C+I Southern Charms Update

Let's Finish September Strong!!!

What can you do with one week?

We've had a great September. As of Tuesday, we were $400 away from making the national top 20. That is a huge accomplishment. Thank you, ladies, for putting in the time and hard work to grown your business.

Now is the time to kick it into high gear. We have one week left in the month. That's seven days worth of opportunities to build your next paycheck. I know I've said this A LOT, but it's true: What you do NOW, will effect your holiday sales.

Here's a few stats for you to consider: Average Customers shop every 2-3 months, so they will be back during the holidays! VIP hostesses like to host every 2-3 months, so they will be back during the holidays! On average merchandisers sell 2-3x their September sales in November. $500=$1500, $1000=$3000, $3000=$9000.

I urge you to make the most of this last seven days. Follow up with friends, family and coworkers. Set up an impromptu Nordic Tale pop up this weekend at the park, neighborhood pool, or your own home. Line up and book your pop ups for October, November and December. Let's make this a September to remember!!!

I believe you can make September amazing! Do you?

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Let's Do This!!!

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