TV remote controller

by kimar Ward

What is your invention?

My invention that i have is a TV remote controller.

Describe your invention...

Its a remote that connects to TVs' and is able to change the channel and change the volume wireless.

What year was this invented?

The first TV remote control was made in 1950.

Who invented?

The people that made the first TV remote control was the Zenith radio corporation.

Why did this product get invented?

The reason that people created the TV remote was so that every time they wanted to change the channel, they wouldn't have t get up and walk to go change the channel.

Has it changed throughout the years?

Yes, it has changed throughout the years because they have made upgrades, for example, you can download an app on your phone, where you can connect your phone to the TV and use your phone as a TV remote controller.

how many versions came before the current model?

There has been millions of TV remote controllers that have been made.

What are three cool facts about your invention?

  • the first remote control was called "lazy bones"
  • earlier remotes used to use "ultrasonic tones"
  • the first wireless remote was made in 1956 by Robert Adler called "zenith space command"

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