EdTech Cadre Update

Keeping the Connected Educator Connected

Welcome Back!

Hopefully your break was a relaxing one. What are you looking at building out for the rest of this year? I'm hearing a lot of interest in authentic tasks that help kids build their typing skills. I'm also hearing some rumbling about Open House. Let me know how I can help. My most current openings for coaching can be viewed at: http://bit.ly/1NQqU5C

Keynotes Available Online

The keynote speeches from CUE's National Conference are now available on line. All speeches can be accessed here. They are each about an hour long, so be sure to settle in when you have a couple of minutes.

  • I especially recommend Brad Montague's (Kid President) Kickoff Keynote. Click here.
  • I also strongly recommend taking the time to view Hadi Partovi's (Code.org) Keynote address here.


Looking for your kids to complete an activity and have a chance to practice some typing? Storyjumper is a website in which students can go and create their own digital story book. They can choose from the pictures available on the site for inspiration or they can use their own.

The site has a teacher's guide available here. Feel free to take a look and see whether this might be a tool that you would be able to use with your kids.

Typing and Google Forms

Google forms are quick to set up and the best part is that not only can you choose from a variety of question types you can also fully customize the subject of the form to whatever you are studying, doing, or thinking about in class...if it's an opportunity for students to write you can collect their thoughts in a form. Ever wish all your kids' answers would be collected in one spreadsheet when they were done? Google Forms does that as well, making it easy for you to quickly review what they understood about that assembly, read aloud, or math problem.

If you are wanting to give them opportunities to practice typing...be sure to choose the "paragraph text" option. Let me know if you would be interested in creating a form for your class. I am happy to walk you through the steps.

Alice Keeler has a number of really fabulous tutorials. Click here to see one that covers creating a Google Form as a Formative Assessment!