Who is Marlene Sanders?

By: Jaiden Washington

About Marlene Sanders

Marlene original started out as an actress, and then later on is when she met Mike Wallace and starting to working as an assistant. Mike Wallace was an American journalist, game show host, actor and etc... After working on twice-daily news broadcast, she started to move her options around and reported back from Vietnam. A lot of people might have been surprised because broadcasting and things like this is more of what men do in society eyes. Not only was she journalism she was also an author and won 3 Emmy’s awards; Marlene also known as professor journalism. She wrote hundreds of documentary for “ABC”, later switched to CBS as a documentary correspondent/producer from 1978-1987.

Marlene broadcasting on cbs

1985 CBS Newsbreak With Marlene Sanders

More insteresting facts about Marlene Sanders

  • January 10,1931 in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • She went to Ohio state University for a year.
  • In her early 20's she started acting, but after meeting Mike Wallace she started working as an assistant for a twice-daily news broadcast.
  • She also became an assistant director of "wnew" radio in New York.
  • July 14,2015 she died of cancer in Calvary hospital.

The way she would like to be remembered as!