World religions Confucianism

By:Nicholas Pannell

most important beleif

The most important belief in my religion is that yin and yang represent opposite forces that keep balance and harmony in nature

Art and what it means

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The Ch'ing Machu Imperial court

This Picture means that society should be highly satisfied, and that a man's behavior should be appropriate.

How do extremists justify their actions against non beleivers?

there are no extremists in this religion.

poem and what it means

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This poem explains how the birth of a child is done in this religion

What in this religion makes me believe that people should believe in this religion

Their prophet, Confucius is the main thing that makes me think this. It is also that they believe in Yin and Yang represent opposite forces as in good and bad.

Why do I believe Yin and Yang is their most important belief?

Yin is good , and Yang is bad, so that will influence people within the religion to be good rather than hurting/ being bad to one another. In other words will bring peace to all!

Current event

The Smog

There is smog in china (where the religion is), and they have to stay inside for health reasons (bad), but we are trying to get them to fix this problem (good). This affects everyone, because we will not use as much pollution as we would have if China didn't have this problem.

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