Next Steps to Start the School Year

Reminders for Our Families 2020 -2021

Welcome to the 2020 - 2021 School Year!

We are so excited to embark on this Virtual School Year journey with you and your children! Everyone, from the district leaders to our teachers and staff have been hard at work preparing to start school with highly effective and rigorous teaching and learning.

As we start in "Plan C"- all remote learning, we know there will be some challenges and at times, it may even be stressful. Please reach out to your child's teacher, our student services team, or our administrative team to get the help and resources you need. We, the adults, set the tone for our students. Let's remain visibly positive in our words and actions for our children. If our students maintain a positive outlook, they will engage with the teaching and learning-- which leads to higher student achievement.

#WinecoffSTEM "We Believe and Students Achieve"

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Set Up Your Scribbles Account

We are excited to introduce Scribbles to all of our families! This is the online platform for parents and guardians that is used for all district and school level family documents, new enrollments, re-enrollments (6th and 9th grade), and program choice applications.

All parents/guardians need to create 1 account and you will "associate" student to your dashboard. So if you have multiple children at different schools, you still need just 1 account.

To set up your account, please click here Set Up My Scribbles Account. If you already have an account, no need to set it up again.

Once your account is created, you will have access to the District's and Winecoff STEM's beginning of year forms, such as Chromebook Agreement Form, CCS Student Code of Conduct, WES Student Handbook and Title I information, Health Insurance application forms, and other forms that will require your electronic signature.

Your account will remain active as long as you have children enrolled with Cabarrus County Schools. Please set up your account as soon as possible. You can do this from a laptop, iPad, your smart phone, etc. If you need assistance, please reach out to your child's teacher first and they will have someone call you if they can't answer your questions. Scribbles also provides technical support and the information on how to access that support will be there as well.

Next Steps for Families

  1. Ensure that your child can login to their chromebook and go to the Winecoff STEM website where they will go every day to "enter into their classroom". If you need help, please contact your child's teacher first. Login information was given out with chromebooks and your child's teacher also has this information.
  2. Set up your Scribbles Account (see section above). This is where you will find all of the Beginning of Year forms and information and you will be able to electronically sign the forms as well.
  3. For meal benefits (free / reduced breakfast and lunch), families will need to apply this year. You may apply online at
  4. There is a $20 technology fee (instead of a supply fee) this year. This will go towards the costs of online instructional programs and resources and servicing student chromebooks. You may pay for this using the online payment system at K12 Payment Center or You may also mail a check to Winecoff STEM Elementary and address it to the attention of our school treasurer, Mrs. Luisa Balderrama. This fee may be paid in 2 parts (fall and spring semester) if that is eases some stress.
  5. Know the School Calendars: CCS Plan C Academic Calendar and CCS Plan B Academic Calendar. We are starting school in Plan C- All remote learning. You can access those calendars by clicking those links or going to the CCS District Homepage, in the top right corner click on calendars, and then select Academic Calendars. Please note that there are different calendars for each phase of school operation (Plan C, Plan B, and Plan A). As our Board of Education works closely with Superintendent Dr. Lowder and the Cabarrus Health Alliance, they will make decisions as to which phase we will operate in throughout the year. That is why it is important that you have access to and know the different calendars.
  6. Winecoff STEM Student Handbook can be found on our school webpage, linked in your Scribbles Account and also linked here.
  7. Students are expected to participate in the live, synchronous sessions every day in the Teachers' secure Microsoft Teams meeting link. If you do not want your child to participate in the live sessions, please read the letter from the district that explains how you may opt out of the live sessions. The letter will be linked on our school website for your convenience.
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What's the difference between Spring and Fall Remote Learning?

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Student Attendance Policy while in Plan C- All Remote Learning

CCS Attendance Policy During Plan C: All remote instruction

While we know nothing can take the place of face to face instruction, our students and teachers will be able to interact in “live” synchronous sessions. It is so important that your child be present and engaged during these sessions to receive the core instruction for the day, ask any questions, and interact with their peers and the teacher.

These sessions will start promptly at 8:30am, Monday through Thursday each week. In order to officially track student attendance:

Monday-Thursday: Teachers will create a quiz/assignment for Remote Learning days for their homeroom class in Canvas.

The quiz will be a one question asking, “Did you log in to Canvas today?

Students must log in to the Homeroom course before 9am and answer the Homeroom quiz question.

If a child does not log in to the Homeroom course before 9am and answer the Homeroom quiz question, he/she will be marked absent and an automated absence call will be sent home.

However, if a student completes his/her assignments, has two-way communication with the teacher, or logs-in to the homeroom course later and answers the quiz question, the student will be counted present.

Due to these reasons, teachers will have 3 days to reconcile the attendance for a given class

Friday: Teachers will mark attendance by 2pm on Fridays.

In order to be considered present, he/she must have two-way communication with the teacher or complete the assignments/expectations for Friday. If the child does not communicate with the teacher or does not complete the assignments/expectations for Friday, he/she will be marked absent.

Parents should submit an absence note within 2 days of a student’s absence electronically using the absence form located here and on our school website.

This policy is also included in our WES Student Handbook and if you have questions, please contact one of the Administrators or Mrs. Banks, School Social Worker;

Winecoff STEM Elementary School -- Our Mission

Winecoff STEM staff will use research-based instructional and restorative practices to effectively implement a balanced, rigorous curriculum that is student centered and ensures equity for all students. We are committed to shaping students for the future by integrating real world experiences and problem-based learning that is strengthened by ongoing professional learning communities.