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how and when?

Mr. Alexander Graham Bell in 1876 invented the telephone. Alexander at first tried to send several telegraph messages over a single wire at the same time an urgent need of the telegraph industry. In 1874, while visiting his father in Brantford, Alexander developed the idea for the telephone. When he returned to Boston, Alexander continued his telegraphy experiments, but the telephone was stuck in his head at the same time.

Mr. Bell soon found that he lacked the time and skill to make all the necessary parts for his experiments. At Hubbard's insistence, he went to an electrical instrument making shop for help. Then a man by the name Thomas A. Watson began to work with Alexander. The two men became fast friends, and Thomas eventually received a share in Bell's telephone patents as payment for his early work.

how does the telephone work?

Alexander Graham Bell, when he used what he called a ‘liquid transmitter’. This was a vertical metal cone with a piece of parchment stretched like a drum over its narrow end at the base. On the outside of the parchment, Bell had glued a cork with a needle stuck in it, pointing into a tiny cup of diluted sulphuric acid.

When he shouted into the open end of the cone, his voice made the parchment vibrate, so the needle moved slightly in relation to a contact in the cup. The needle was wired to a battery and the movement varied the strength of the current passing between the contacts, thus converting sound waves into an electric signal which traveled along a wire to a receiver. While setting up the experiment, Bell spilled some acid on his trousers. Shouting to his assistant, Thomas Watson heard the message on the receiver in another room and rushed through to Bell, who had just made the first phone call.

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benefits of the telephone then & now

Alexander Graham Bell - Father of the Telephone


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