The Shang Dynasty

By: Polina, Jay, Gabriela, Mikal, and Gianluca

Polina Shcherbakova - Historian

The Shang Dynasty lasted awhile- from 1600 B.C. to 1111 B. C.. The first leader and emperor of the Shang Dynasty, T'ang, led rebellious people and overthrew an emperor in the Xia Dynasty. While most archaeologists and historians think that the Xia Dynasty did not exist because they do not have any written proof, many do believe believe that the Xia Dynasty existed.

The Shang Dynasty had a very hard writing system with 5,000 pictograms, and they considered their emperor the most important thing- he was at the top of the social pyramid. Then it was the the military nobility, priests, merchants, and lastly farmers.

The Shang Dynasty was ended by Wu-Wang, through repeated battles. At the time the Shang Dynasty was weakened by repeated battles, and the last one really made a mark on them when Wu-Wang, a rebel leader defeated the Shang DYnasty in 1111 B.C..

Mikal Muhammad and Gianluca Melloni-Archeologist

The Shang Dynasty was known for its archaeology and craftmanship. The invention of the wooden chopsticks were important because people with chopsticks learned better than eating with forks.The famous bronze and jade weapons helped the military of the Shang Dynasty be more advanced in wars.The drinking cup and the wine container were important because they could drink and store food. The horse drawn chariots was one of the main transportation in the Shang Dynasty. Pottery was a huge thing because it made everything more simple to eat and store.

The Shang dynasty begun in 1600 BC and ended 1046 BC because they were overthrown by the Zhang people. The Shang were really important because they were the first Dynasty in China and they invented Chinese writing. There are not many legends or myths but if the king died the throne would go to the closest relation to him.

Gabriela Warner-Anthropologist

The Shang Dynasty was an amazing civilization. They were advanced, they had gods to worship, and different ways to communicate with each other. But there are many more things they did.

The king was very important to the Shang civilization. He was always very nice and respectful, like a king should be. they would go to see him for help, such as spiritual go-betweens of the royal clan, and just to see him. They would also talk about the gods to him.

The Shang Dynasty was advanced in many ways. They learned how to make weapons. They taught themselves bronzework. They would also make cups, plates, and pots made out of clay. Some people think they were the ones to make the pottery wheel.

Another way they were advanced was they made a social pyramid. This was also a way of communication. They would have the king at the top, then the military nobility, priests,merchants, and last the farmers. Although farmers were at the bottom, they were very important.

Other then the kings they would worship, they would value their gods and goddesses. They would make sacrifices for the gods. The gods help them with their daily lives and their social life. The gods would bring joy to the people of the Shang Dynasty.

Jay Rivenbark - Geographer

Shang Dynasty was located in a large area in northern China and east Asia. Some of the natural resources from the Shang Dynasty are jade, bamboo, wheat and bronze. Some of the ways jade was used is for making weapons such as swords, knives. They also used it for jewelry. They also used bronze to make pots to cook in and and utensils to cook with. They used bamboo to build walls for houses. They made beds to sleep on with bamboo and stone. the Shang dynasty was geographically lucky because they lived near the yellow river. The people had plenty to eat from the river and wheat. Now Heanan, Shangdong, Hedei providences are what now what make up Shang Dynasty.