By: Jake Harrison

One Myth About Fat

Cholesterol In Foods Like Eggs Are Bad For You

because eggs contain large amounts of cholesterol, they were believed to cause heart disease. However, studies show that the cholesterol in the diet does not raise the bad cholesterol in the blood. Eggs raise HDL the good cholesterol and are not associated with an increased risk of heart disease. Almost all nutrients are found in the yolk. The white is nothing but protein. So telling people not to eat yolk is wrong.

People thought eggs were bad for you because of the high amount of cholesterol, but new studies show that they don't raise cholesterol in the blood or contribute to heart disease. Eggs are among the most nutritious foods on the planet.

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What should be included & limited in a healthy diet and why?

Eat lean meats, fish, dairy, a variety of fruits and vegetables. You should eat foods high in fiber and drink plenty of water. You need to limit saturated fats and sugar.

Compare and contrast LDL and HDL

LDL- is bad cholesterol because it damages the walls of your arteries.

HDL- is good cholesterol because it hangs on to the cholesterol it carries. So it will not attach to the arterie walls.

recommendation for someone who needs to lower their cholesterol

If you need to lower your cholesterol you should eat lean meats,fish,eggs and high fiber foods such as oat brand and beans

Graphics Showing How the Body Uses Energy

Difference between obesity, overweight and underweight

BMI,body mass index, is used to show the ratio of body weight to height. The normal BMI is 18-25. BMI less than 18 is considered underweight and may consider malnutrition or an eating disorder. A BMI greater than 30 is considered obesity.