Until We Meet Again

By Anne Schraff

Until We Meet Again takes place around at Bluford High School during the early 2000's. The main conflict in the story is that the main character, Darcy, has a boyfriend who has to move so his sick father can find work, but she ends up falling for the girl that she babysits for's brother. The book begins with Darcy's parents exposing to her & her sister, Jamee, that they are getting back together after her father left them for months. Pick up the book to find out what happens!
The main character is Darcy. Three words to describe the main character are gullible, hopeless romantic, & stubborn. The character is motivated by her grandmother. Seeing her happy makes Darcy happy. She always goes to her for advice. She finds comfort in her. I like the main character because she acts kind of mature. I dislike how dumb she acts around boys. The relationship between Darcy & Brian goes one way because Brian is just using her & he is a player.
The theme of the novel is listen to your family because in the end they're all you have & they're always right. One example is Darcy's sister, Jamee, tells her she shouldn't talk to Brian, but Darcy does it anyways because she thinks he actually likes her. another example is Brisana, Darcy's friend, tells Darcy that Brian is a player who can't be trusted, but again, Darcy neglects the truth. A third example from the book Brian's sister even knows how unfaithful Brian is & she tries to warn Darcy. A final example that supports the theme is when her father finds out, he loses trust in Darcy & she won't gain the trust back for a long time.
On a scale of 1-10, I rate this novel a 7 because a lot of the events happened too quick, but the main idea of the story was intriguing. A lot of today's teens can relate to this novel because a lot of girls in high school act this was & fall for the wrong boys, & they usually end up heart broken.