Greek Mythology Gallery Walk

Mrs. Toma's 6th grade GT class


1. Once you have a Chrome book, it is assigned to you.

2. At each station, follow the instructions for each station.

3. If you finish a station early, make sure the previous stations are done.

Station 1- Family Tree

  1. You have a blank family tree to fill in.
  2. Click here to a website that will help guide you on where to put certain names.

PS. On the table you will find a list of names that belong in the chart. You may work together on figure this out.

PPS. You can also do your own search on

Station 2- The Olympians

  1. Click here for a PPT about the major Olympians. Read through it and then pick three to focus on.
  2. Fill in chart in packet.
  3. After filling out the chart, use to find a story or stories that use your characters.

Station 3- The Lesser Gods

1. Using the books on the table, pick out three of the lesser gods, not Olympians, to fill out information on.

2. Make it a mixture of girls, boys, and half gods.

Station 4: Myths

  1. Choose a book and read one of the myths from it. Fill out the information in the packet about the story.
  2. If there is time, share the myth you read with your group.

Station 5- The Beasts of Greek Mythology

  1. Choose two beasts to work on.
  2. Fill out a trading card on each on.
  3. Also draw a picture to help everyone visualize what your beast looks like.