Nightmares & Dreamscapes

By Stephen King

Nightmare & Dreamscapes

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A short story novel with different tales some terrifying and some just plain innocent.

1. Dolan's Cadillac

A frail school teacher becomes obsessed with revenge after his wife testifies against a mobster and he get's punished for her trouble.

2.The End of the Whole Mess

It's the tale of 2 brothers, one of whom is so intelligent that there's something alien about him and with the best intentions he wipes out all life on earth.

3.Suffer The Little Children

A gruesome story about a teacher who murders a bunch of 3rd graders.

4.The Night Filer

A woman who is trying to complete her ''Vampire airplane Pilot'' novel.


A story about a guy who abducts the wrong little boy from a shopping mall.

6.It Grows on You

A story that yet again takes place in castle Rock, Maine. It's mainly made up of memories.

7.Chattery Teeth

A very weird story about a traveling salesman who gets bailed out of a tight sport by a pair of wind-up novelty teeth.


It's about a housekeeper named Martha Rosewell who felt great because her son published his first novel and dedicated it to her.

9.The Moving Finger

A weird story about a man who has a battle with a little finger that comes out of his drain.


Just a story about everything cridicts hate about the author.

11.You Know They Got a Hell of a Band

Just a talk about the author's love of rock n roll.

12.Home delivery

A pregnant women in Main who has to deal with Romero's zombie apocalypse.

13.Rain Season

Another pass timer story like 'The Moving Finger'.

14. My Pretty Pony

A novel written by Thad Budmounts notorious pen name George Stark.

15.Sorry, Right Number

Just a nice time passer.

16.The 10 O'Clock People

A story about a conspiracy of aliens to wipe out the human race.

17.Crouch End

Author imitating another author.

18.The House on Maple Street

A tale about a teacher/author who abuses his children.

19.The Fifth Quarter

An exact imitation of another author.

20.The Doctor's Case

Just a Sherlock Holmes Fan Fiction.

21.Umney's Last Case

Once again another knock-off of other authors.

22.Head down

A long Non-Fiction story of the author's son playing in little league.

23.Brooklyn August

A baseball poem.

Excerpt From ''Suffer Little Children''

More giggles, soft and sticky as melting soap.

''Miss Sidley is-''

Stop it! Stop that noise!

By moving slightly she could see their shadows, made fuzzy and ill-defined by the diffuse light filtering through the frosted windows, holding onto each other with girlish glee.

Another thought crawled up out of her mind.

They knew she was there.

Yes. Yes they did. The little bi----s knew.

She would shake them. Shake them until their teeth rattled and their giggles turned to wails, she would make them admit they knew.

That was when the shadows changed. They seemed to elongate, to flow like dripping tallow, taking on strange hunched shapes that made Miss Sidley cringe back against the porcelain washstands, her heart swelling in her chest.

But they went on giggling.

The voices changed, no longer girlish, now sexless and soulless, and quite, quite evil. A slow, turgid sound of mindless humor that flowed around the corners to her like sewage.

She stared at the hunched shadows and suddenly screamed at the. The scream went on and on, swelling in her head until it acquainted a pitch of lunacy. And then she fainted. The giggling, like the laughter of demons, followed her down into darkness.

Different Covers

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List Of Episodes

1. Battle Ground

2. Crouch End

3. Umney's Last Case

4. The End of The Whole Mess

5. The Fifth Quarter

6. The Road Virus Heads North

7. You Know They Got a Hell of a Band

8. Autopsy Room Four


I think this book was great. I enjoyed the gruesome stories as it is common Stephen King work. In this book though I enjoyed the pass timer and small short stories he decided to put in. The show as well is nice and really depicts the stories well and I loved that.


This book is great for anybody who like to read short stories of all kinds. It also perfect if you need a short break to unwind. If you like these Stephen King made 2 other collections of short stories as well. Hope at least one of them catches your attention.