With My Own Two Hands

Martin Luther King

This week we took the time to recognize the accomplishments of Martin Luther King, and talked about what we can do to make a difference in our world and community. Your child drew a picture of how they could change the world to make it a better or kinder place using their "own two hands." I loved how their projects turned out!
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Guided Reading: Neighborhood & Community

To keep with the theme of making the world a better place and showing kindness to everyone, we read stories that had to do with neighborhoods and communities. We discussed who neighbors are and, how a community can come together to make their neighborhood a nice place to live.

Some strategies we focused on were retelling the story and identifying key details.

Your child used the text and illustrations of the story, text and photographs of the selection for reference.

Long /a/, long /i/, and short /e/ sounds

This week your child may have been working with a small group to identify words with a long /a/, long /i/ or short /e/ sound.

Beginning, Middle, and End of a Story

This week, we read the story The Biggest Best Snowman, written by Margery Culyer, and we discussed the purpose for a story having a beginning, middle, and end. Your child also drew pictures to show what happened in each part of the story.

  • Identifying the most important event from the beginning, middle and end of the story helps a reader understand how organization, sequence, and plot make a good story.

The Beginning: Your child learned that the beginning is where the writer captures the reader’s attention, either with a great opening line, a detailed description of the character or setting, or a glimpse into the topic, problem, or theme of the story.

The middle: The middle explains the topic, gives important key details, and holds the reader’s attention, but most importantly it is where we reach the turning point of the story.

The end: Your child learned that the end is where the story comes to a close, it is the conclusion and solution to the problem. It is where the character learns a lesson or comes to terms with the events of what happened.

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Words of the week - be & but

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  • This week, we reviewed "a word families" and focused on the -ad word family. Your child practiced spelling and building these words by cutting out letters and putting them in the correct order. We talked about consonant, vowel, consonant words (CVC): Your child learned that the vowel will be in the middle of the word. Take a look at our class working hard!

Jonathan took his time and did excellent work!

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Math - Addition Wrap-Up, and Moving on to Subtraction!

This week we reviewed addition, and introduced subtraction! Your child's learning goal is to understand subtraction as taking apart and taking from. Today your child learned that subtraction can be shown in different ways, such as with objects, fingers, mental images, or drawings. They will continue to learn different ways to show subtraction.

Be sure to check out the Unit 7 Review sheet in your child's folder!

Check out Michael's Week as Star!

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Noah is our Star next week! Noah loves to read and write. He creates excellent illustrations that support his writing, and his classmates always loves when he shares during Writer's Workshop. Noah is kind and a good friend, he loves to do his best every single day. We are looking forward to making Noah's week as Star very special! Have fun with Boog over our three day weekend!


Martin Luther King Day

In honor of Martin Luther King, there is no school Monday, January 18th.

Book Swap

January 21 at 6:00pm

Multicultural Night

*RESCHEDULED MARCH 11th at 6:00pm

  • We are excited about the opportunity to share different cultures with Center Square School students and families! If you would like to attend, please go on to our website: www.logan.k12.nj.js - under Schools and Offices - click on Center Square School and in the News and Announcements section - click on Multicultural Night to register your family for this wonderful event!