Find Your Own Identity

Imitation is Suicide

Everyone in the world needs to find their own identity. Pretending to be someone else is practically suicide according to Emerson. High school is the perfect place to discover who you truly are. Everyone should take time to consider their lives and how they are living it. Are you enjoying your life and individuality, or are you just trying to survive by following the crowd?
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Why We Need Change

Our current culture and generation is plagued societal norms. Normality is nothing more than an opinion created by a biased individual. Socials cliques dominate the school as people strive to fit in. Anyone who does not dress the same, act the same, listen to the same music, or refuses to embrace societal norms is immediately ostracized. Teens are shunned by attempting to embrace individuality. Our generation needs to diversify itself. We are too afraid to pursue our own interests and would rather seek the protection of a false reality. The majority of our generation lives an empty life void of expression. The single path of suicide is slowly murdering the creativity of a teenager. The cruelty of the mainstream society is killing those who stand against it. There should just be society not mainstream society versus alternative.

The Necessity of Individuality

A successful society thrives off the creativity of its members. A community filled with individuality will constantly see progress and innovation. Nothing new is ever created if everyone is the same. The best thing we can do for our communities is be ourselves and encourage others to be themselves. We have to stop judging others for their differences.
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