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Where would I use this?

The remote control would be used on boats with several large batteries. The coherer (a radio activated switch) is a canister with a metal oxide with powder in it. The radio signals controls switches, powering the propeller, rudder, and scaled down running lights. Registering a radio signal does tax the rudimentary technology.

Why was this invented?

Inventor Nikola Tesla had a goal to patent a specific radio in his boat. In fact, Tesla walked around New York in 1895 picking up high-frequency radio signals as far as thirty miles away! With these gifts, Nikola put them in use. This led Tesla to experiment radios with boats, and to create switches that would power the boat in many ways. The remote control was capable of many favors. One of the most biggest favors was to make a disk bearing different sets of advanced actions.

When did things really spice up, when should it be used?

At the Electrical Exhibition of 1898 in Madison Square Garden, Tesla demonstrated something ahead his time of technology. His invention, patent No. 613,809 (1898), was a radio-controlled steel craft four feet long. Nikola had a patent filed in 1897, but granted it in 1900. The world of 1898 had little understanding, Tesla thought darkly of using it for the military so they could guide torpedoes fired for a submarine. The navy decided to finance some test trails in 1916.

What´s the result of this invention?

Radio-controlled devices were not considered a destructive terror, especially when it came to military usage. In the past, missile guidance and control was poor and needed improvements. The beginning of the twentieth century systems saw leaps and bounds in the field of guidance and control targeting systems. Radio control became very exciting and opened up experiments. Once the Space Age begun, the remote control was used on military satellites.