Sherlyn E.


Reasons why I chose this career :

Euthanize animals

Examine animals to diagnose their heath problems

Prescribe medication

Training & Education

Degree required : High school diploma

Other type of training required : Working under an

experienced groomer

Work Environment

Indoors/Outdoors? : Outdoors

Office/Fieldwork? : Office

Type of dress for work? : Uniform

Individual/Group work ? : Individual

Job Description

Salary : 20,610 per year

9.91 per hour

Growth Opportunities : Employment growth and high

job turnover are expected to result in many openings

Job Outlook : It will be needed for the feature is to

be train to do the job

Responsibilities : To make the owner say how they

want their dog groomed , etc...


Do you still have an interest in pursuing this career

after completing your research? Why or why not ? :

Yes because this job gives a opportunity to give

a great amount of money .