Construction Update

SD81's Weekly report - July 19, 2022

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Construction in SD81

This summer District 81 has four major construction projects in progress. Below is a summary of the work being completed and a weekly progress update.


A recent and continued quarry strike has affected District 81's completion timeline for the below projects, specifically at Washington and Lincoln Middle School. The strike affects availability of concrete and stone, which will most likely cause delays of the water retention work at Washington and Lincoln, and the site work at Washington. The District has no indication on when the strike will end. We will keep our community updated.
All photos and information are as of July 15, 2022

(Photos of LMS curtain wall project and Kennedy courtyard provided by Tandem Construction)

Demolition of Old Washington School & New Site Work

As of July 15, The storm trap system has been installed and the vacant land has been infilled.

Grass around the new building is growing.

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Storm Water Retention at Lincoln Middle School

Adding a stormwater retention system will alleviate flooding and erosion of the Lincoln Middle School fields. The large chambers (pictured below)are installed underground, and temporarily store runoff water before releasing it at a controlled rate. This work is necessary in order for the fields to be used as intended, for sports and outdoor activities. The project is being funded through American Rescue Plan - ESSER 3 grant funds.

As of July 15th, the storm traps are installed and have been covered. They are woking on the storm and sewer system now.

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Curtain Wall Repair at Lincoln Middle School

Repairing the curtain wall is necessary to address leaks that have been occurring consistently within the middle school. A new wall is being installed and will be sealed tight to prevent future leaks. The project is also being funded through the American Rescue Plan - ESSER 3 grant funding. Completion date of the project is the week of August 12th.

As of July 15, all preparation for the installation of the glass at the curtain wall has been completed. The doors at the curtain wall have been installed. Pavers can be taken out and the roof can be repaired.

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Courtyard Enclosure at Kennedy School

The courtyard will be enclosed to provide additional instructional and large-motor space at Kennedy School. The project is being funded through the American Rescue Plan - ESSER 2 and 3 grant funding. The majority of the work will be completed the week of August 12th. Finish work will be completed in October of 2022, with no disruption to learning.

As of July 15, steel installation was delayed about a week, due to logistical/shipping and labor shortage issues. The steel delivery was also impacted by the rain last week. The materials were on the truck, ready to be delivered (pictured below).

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